Why Indian Players are not playing in Foreign Leagues


You all might have wondered despite so much fame, name & popularity why Indian players are not playing foreign leagues like Big Bash League (BBL), CPL, BPL etc.


Fans and all over the world want to see Indian cricketers in foreign leagues especially in BBL. However we have seen a few Indian players like Harmanpreet Kaur, Smriti Mandhana playing in Big Bash League but as far as Men’s cricket is concerned we haven’t seen any.



Indian players in foreign leagues


BCCI Protocols: Reason why we don’t see Indian players in Foreign Leagues


As per BCCI rules, any Indian player contracted or non-contracted, is not allowed to play any franchise cricket, T20 league, T10 league or any competition of that format outside India.


Now the question arises despite several foreign players participating in IPL why BCCI doesn’t permit Indian players to play foreign leagues?


Here’s the answer.


1.If an Indian player goes on to play any other league after IPL, it will mean that he is promoting that league. This is something BCCI does not want. IPL, the biggest T20 league in the world (IPL), might lose its monopoly if Indian players participate in other leagues. 


The players are allowed to play first-class and List A matches outside India primarily because these matches don’t attract much crowd, which means they aren’t promoting that league.


2. The BCCI is not merely trying to keep its contracted players free from injury due to too much T-20. The memories of the injury-ridden 2011 tour of England are still fresh. All it is doing is protecting turf by ensuring that no Indian plays T- 20 anywhere else.


3.The jam-packed schedule that the Indian cricketers have does not allow them to play matches from different leagues than just IPL and representing the national side.


So due to the above reasons, BCCI is restricting Indian players from playing foreign leagues.


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