What went wrong for Kuldeep Yadav

“You can be special but not all the time” any sportsperson like Kuldeep Yadav can relate this phrase better than anybody else.


He was one of the regular spinners for India along with Chahal in limited over format but all of a sudden he is struggling to find a place in playing 11.


Kuldeep Yadav came in limelight with his astonishing performance in domestic and IPL but like any other cricketer, he is going through a lean patch right now.


Kuldeep Yadav stats
Kulddeep Yadav struggling to find a form



Kuldeep Yadav’s career stat



































You still would take this stat any day but it’s just the expectation Kuldeep Yadav had created with his performance over the years is not matching with his performance from the past couple of years.



Reasons behind Kuldeep Yadav’s downfall


1. Lack of self belief


We aren’t seeing Kuldeep Yadav as the primary wicket taker bowler not just because he is not taking wickets or leaking runs but because of the fact lags self confidence.


One can clearly see Kuldeep’s confidence with his body language. Whenever he is going for runs rather than pushing hard he is keeping his head down and not even trying harder.



2. Frightened to go for runs


We have seen Kuldeep Yadav releasing the ball much slower on numerous occasion to trap the batsman in flight. This had worked wonderfully well for him but nowadays what we are witnessing is he is a bit scared to give extra air to the ball which wasn’t the case earlier.


Again to escape from the batsman or protect himself from leaking runs he is worried about giving the flight. He isn’t trusting his natural variations anymore rather he is trying to finish his quota cheaply without going for runs.


Ultimately this is affecting his wicket taking ability.



3. Oppositions have read him thoroughly and hence attacking him more


Usually, whenever any chinaman spinner or mystery spinner comes into international cricket opposition finds them difficult to pick. But as cricket goes on & on and the opposition plays them more and more they become like any other bowler.


Just like what we saw with Ajantha Mendis, he came as a mystery against India in the Asia cup final. Later on players like Sehwag, Dhoni and Raina picked him and ended his fear which he created early in his career.


Similarly, it might be possible oppositions have started picking him well and also due to the fact lots of international players play him in nets as well during IPL.


Still, this can’t be an excuse if you are playing international cricket you have to reinvent yourself every day or else you will become needless soon.



4. Not playing with KulCha pair together


Much like batsmen and fast bowlers spinners also hunt in partnerships. Sometimes they need their partner’s support especially when they are down.


India needs a longer tail and more stability in their batting order that’s why they are playing with either Jadeja Chahal or Jadeja Kuldeep. And whenever Jadeja isn’t there they are looking for any other spinner like Washington Sundar, Axar Patel or Krunal Pandya who can bat and fill his spot.


The moral of the story Kuldeep and Chahal isn’t playing together for a long long time which is giving strength to the batting but at the same time weakening India’s spin department and Kuldeep’s Stats.


Kuldeep Yadav’s stats improve significantly when he plays with Chahal. In fact, both of them have their best performances when they played together.



5. Management isn’t showing enough confidence in Kuldeep


No matter what Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri says about Kuldeep making a comeback, reality suggests that even the management might not have the best of confidence over Kuldeep’s form.



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Whether it’s life or sports everyone goes through rough patches and dilemmas but the way we fight back from those shows our character.


Kuldeep has been a champion bowler for India. He has a huge contribution in India’s away series win in limited overs, especially in SENA countries. And Kuldeep Yadav has picked hattrick as well.


Kuldeep Yadav’s IPL 2020 were miserable and he might be eager to prove his worth and get some form in IPL 2021 which is starting from 9th April. Even the T20 world cup is scheduled this year so it might be his last chance to show his worth and make a room for himself in the squad.


Hope he will come back stronger and make a bold statement with his performance before going into world T20.


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