Was MSK Prasad version 2.0 of Greg Chappell?

Former BCCI chief selector
Many of you guys might be wondering why we are co-relating former Indian head coach Greg Chappell with former BCCI chief selector M.S.K. Prasad. Well, the damage which Greg Chappell had done to Indian Cricket is intimidating. In addition, Indian cricket paid the price of it.
In the wildest of the dream, any Indian cricket fan doesn’t want Greg Chappell again. Don’t think MSK Prasad has done that bad to the team. Still, few ridiculous decision like giving birth to the 3D player like Vijay Shankar, Playing with Rayudu’s career, some unnecessary experiments with team selection. Moreover, creating overhype of Rishab Pant’s selection cost Indian team 2019 World Cup Trophy.

MSK Prasad as a Chief Selector of BCCI

Despite playing only 6 Tests, 17 ODIs & average record in First Class Cricket the question here is how MSK Prasad became chief selector of BCCI? Not only him but guys like Devang Gandhi, Jatin Paranjpe, Gagan Khoda & Sarandeep Singh was also the part of  5 member selection panel of BCCI. Even hardcore cricket fan will find it tough to recognize these names, isn’t it? 
MSK Prasad + Devang Gandhi + Jatin Paranjpe + Gagan Khoda + Sarandeep Singh = 17 Test match! Sunil Gavaskar was dead right for raising this question. Again our question lasts, how they become part of BCCI selection panel?
Well, the answer here is also simple, first-time BCCI had given chance to apply for chief selector’s post openly. Without any surprise, big cricketers hadn’t given their name because of a few reasons.
  • More corruption & controversies in BCCI nowadays, so no one wanted to attach their name with BCCI.
  • Selectors can not associate themselves with other Ranji teams or IPL franchise as well as they need to abstain from commentary & magazines writings. So it might be a bad idea to join the chief selector post.
  • The headache of travelling across different places in-country for watching live coverages of matches.
I guess these reasons were enough for anyone to stay away from a selection panel job. So expectedly, no senior player had applied for a job. Results, BCCI had to decide from the limited option who had shown their interest in the post.

Another Reason behind a selection of MSK Prasad as Chief Selector of BCCI

BCCI doesn’t want anyone who interferes in their work or they look for the one who has a quality of not asking any questions.
We have a lot of examples of this. For instance, Kumble asked few then he got replaced with Ravi Shastri. Harsha Bhogle rightly & constructively criticized few players resulted in the exclusion of Harsha Bhogle from Star Sports Panel for a significant amount of time. 
This might be another reason behind the liking of MSK Prasad in BCCI.

Greg Chappell the real destroyer of Indian Cricket

If you think MSK Prasad has done bad to the Indian team then you don’t know Mr Greg Chappell from Australia. 
Ganguly chappell spat and controversy with Indian cricket
Greg Chappell’s work can not be appreciated by any Indian cricket fan perhaps they don’t want to imagine him in wildest of their dreams. 
For instance, if he wants to drop Zaheer Khan then he doesn’t use to ask or consult Zaheer first. The same case with Ganguly, before sacking him from captaincy he hadn’t considered to ask with the likes of Yuvraj & Harbhajan Singh who were the real seeds and gifts from Ganguly’s captaincy.

“He was like a ringmaster who used to impose their ideas on players without knowing a player’s concerns or thoughts” – Sachin Tendulkar

You can imagine the toxicity of a person if Sachin has said these words for Greg Chappell in his biography playing it my way. Feels like Greg Chappell (-) & Gary Kirsten (+) were 2 extremes of Indian Cricket.

Chappell-Ganguly Controversy

The Chappell-Ganguly controversy was caused by the series of events in late 2005 & early 2006 which involved highly publicised fights between Indian team captain & new head coach. Due to personal grudges, Chappell dropped Ganguly from the team without any prior notice or talk. 
Finally. after bearing so much, BCCI sacked Greg Chappell from the post of the head coach of the Indian team which was rightly so.

MSK Prasad On Dhoni

msk prasad on dhoni
“I had a clear chat with MS & he wants some time away from cricket so we are backing Rishab Pant & KL Rahul for the position” – MSK prasad.
However, many people think he has done the same thing with MS which Chappell had done with Ganguly. The analogy sometimes makes sense.
Much like Greg Chappell, MSK Prasad has played with the careers of players, Ambati Rayudu is a prime example of that. Rayudu played for consecutive 2-3 years & just before the last series before World Cup, he dropped Rayudu & generated new 3D player in the form of Vijay Shankar. Around 4-5 players were tried for no. 4 spot & idea of 3D player got backfired.
Hence India was never able to recover from the setback of the position. An idea of experimenting too much with the slot ultimately cost India the World Cup.

MSK Prasad To Be Replaced soon

According to sources, Sourav Ganguly confirms MSK Prasad will get replaced soon. As the former chief sector of BCCI i.e. MSK Prasad’s tenure come to end. Guys like Laxman Sivaramakrishnan may replace him as BCCI chief selector.

Sunil Joshi to replace MSK Prasad?

Sunil Joshi will replace MSK Prasad as a new chief selector of Indian Cricket team
However, according to few sources, Sunil Joshi will replace MSK Prasad as a new chief selector of Indian Cricket team. Again lack of availability of senior players causing this it seems. Let’s hope for the best.


Doesn’t matter how good or bad a thing is, everything has to come to an end much like MSK Prasad’s tenure. Yes, he has done few wrong things with Indian Cricket but unlike Greg Chappell, his intentions weren’t wrong. Although he has taken a few bullshit decisions it can happen with anyone as we are humans.
Personally, I don’t think he was as evil as Greg Chappell so we shouldn’t term him as Greg Chappell version 2.0 rather thank him for whatever services he has given.
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