7 Best Traditional Indian Games In 2020


Indians have always been in the talks because of their best ethical cultures & moral values which we are losing nowadays. Remember, those traditional Indian games which also used to be an integral part of it. Sadly, is now on the verge of extinction.


Might be the lack of physical activity games causing more health problems to the internet generation kids. However, this generation is street smart as far as technology is concerned.


So let’s take a step to aware current generation to our traditional games and it’s benefits. 


Here is the list of the best traditional Indian outdoor games which need to readdress.


1. Gilli-Danda 

gilli danda traditional indian games


Dear Cricket & baseball fans, Gilli Danda is the ancient form of that. Gilli- Danda game is much similar to cricket where you have to hit a six or in baseball where you look to hit home-run.


How to Play Gilli Danda?


The game is played with the 2 wooden stick which is called Gilli ( smaller piece of wood which has an edge on both the ends) & Danda (larger one to hit the Gilli). 


The Gilly will be placed in one small circle drawn by mud or chalk then you have to hit one side of it to flip that in the air. Before it falls down in the ground you have to hit it with a stick as hard as you can. You will get 3 Tollas ( Shots) or chances to hit.


After completing 3 shots you will be asked to demand points ( which is nothing but a distance from the circle to wherever you hit). If the opponent team agrees you will get the demanded point. But in case of the opponent team is in doubt, they can calculate the distance by measuring stick by stick count.


Fun Fact

  • If they found the distance is shorter then what you have asked you won’t earn any point.
  • If you don’t even want to buy wooden sticks you can use plastic bottles of oil, shampoo etc as a Gilli.



2. Lattu / Bhawra (Rotating Cyclone)


lattoo traditional indian games


Lattu or Lattoo, huh? I don’t know how to spell that. But I can surely answer Lattoo is called spinning top in English.


A wooden or plastic wooden top with a spinning needle in the bottom which used to cost only 3 INR was one the most popular traditional Indian game.


You just need to have one string to tie on a spinning top i.e lattoo. After that, all you need to do is to stretch that string in order to spin the Lattoo.


There were around 3-5 interesting different games you can play & dominate using lattoo. In other words, the more clever & sharper you are, the more chances of you winning a battle.


3. Kanche / Goti



A small piece of circular glass or marble is known as Kancha. The picture is looking crystal clear & sophisticated but it’s a myth. Rather, Kancha used to be played on dirt & mud.


How to play kancha?


Honestly, I haven’t played this game at all. Simply because I don’t like that.

The rule was simple just to strike the opponent player Kancha (marble) which is placed in circular mark in order to earn or win opponent Kancha.


It was much like a bet, If my 1$ coin hit yours, your coin will be mine, as simple as that.



4. Satoliya / Pittu / Lagori

lagori Satoliya pittu 

This used to be one of my favourites. Most of the people known this game as satoliya game.


The idea of the game was very simple & interesting. It used to consist of seven stones placed one over another. A player from one team gets 3 attempts to destroy the pile of stones & has to run along with his team. After that opponent team player has to hit the player’s team with a ball before they rearrange the pile of stone.


If they get successful in rearranging stones then they will get a point. If an opponent hit any player of the other with a ball before rearranging the stones then that team has to play a game without that player.



5. Kho Kho

kho kho traditional indian games


One of the most popular traditional Indian game is Kho Kho. Tough Kho Kho ground or Kho Kho court along with a bit strict Kho Kho rules make this game stand out from others.


Kho Kho consists of 2 teams with 9 players each. All the 9 member of one team has to sit on the ground facing the opposite direction alternatively. 3 players from the defending team try to avoid being touched by members of the opposing team. The team who takes the shortest time to tap all the opponent players would win.



6. Nondi / Hopscotch / Stapoo boxes

hopscotch traditional indian games


A simple box game which used to comprises of square-shaped grid boxes drawn from chalk or paint.


It became popular in the Indian states like Tamil Nadu & Small Indian girls used to like it very much.


Just throw one object or stone in the grid & jump with 1 leg to drag it back. Seems simple? But it isn’t as you need to make sure you don’t touch the borderline of a grid.



7. Kite Flying

kite flying


Disclaimer: I still don’t know how to fly a kite as I was the guy who used to hold that round cylindrical object wounded by threads.


Remember those Kite flying or kite fighting I should say. It was absolute fun. Instead of buying 1 Rs flight steeling a kite was much more satisfying.

A good thing is even today, kite flying is still more lively compared to other Indian traditional games.


On the occasion of festivals like Makarsankranti or Pongal Indians still choose to fly a kite. Even I have seen flying kites in lockdown as well :-D.


I tried making homemade kites but failed every time. Can anyone teach me how to fly a kite? Haha, shame :-), isn’t it?


Missing Games?


If one could think about traditional Indian games then surely they want to see the name of a few more games on the list.


  • Chupan Chupai (Hide n Seek)
  • Chor (thief) – Police
  • Maram-Patti (a wounded strip of cloth or handkerchief)
  • Sankali (Chain)


Traditional Indian Games – Board Games


How many of you know the game of Chess is made in India? We have few more in the list.


  • Snakes & Ladders
  • Ludo ( Still active )
  • Changa (4) – ashta (8) (similar like a ludo)
  • Vyapari (Business).

So, that were the list of a few best traditional Indian games.

Conclusion Point


Today, technology, internet & video-gaming has replaced these game but still, it holds a different place in our heart.


Don’t you think in order to revive these awesome games, we should introduce these games to current generation. Also, they get the experience of what real gaming looks like. 


Sadly, nowadays, virtual gaming has replaced most of the traditional games which certainly isn’t a good sign.


Hope you guys enjoyed the article. Please let me know in the comment section what you feel about this. If you like it, do me a favour by sharing this 🙂




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