The Rise of KL Rahul and Pandya after Koffee with Karan

We, humans, are born to make mistakes but the way we correct it is what really matters & after all KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya are humans too.


Rahul and Hardik might look back and say they really shouldn’t have gone to the show but seems like this coffee with Karan tragedy was a blessing in disguise for them.


Kl rahul and hardik pandya in coffee with karan


Why Koffee with Karan Tragedy was a blessing in disguise for Rahul and Pandya?


As we all know the duo faced provisional suspension due to their controversial comments with regards to females in the show. But when you look at their lives after that they are different persons now.


Just see how well Rahul and Pandya have emerged as a player after that incident. They got their ways back, they never gave up despite becoming the troll material for the entire nation. They fought back like a true champion.


Since then Rahul became the permanent member of the Indian squad, he opened the innings, he has played many gutsy knocks in the middle order & filled the big boots of MS Dhoni by doing wicket keeping as well. He did well in the World cup 2019, won orange cap in IPL 2020 & now ready to roar in the Australian tour as well.


Similar story with Pandya, just in his first comeback series after the tragedy he nailed it with his all-round performance. He was unfit for a few months after the ban as well but when he got the second chance he made that count. We have seen in IPL 2020 his striking abilities, in current Australia tour, he got man of the series in T-20s which he handed over to Natarajan.


This shows how he became matured and even though his not contributing with his bowling he has established himself as a pure number 6 batsman as well.



Tough time doesn’t last but tough people do


  • “I need to focus more on cricket, spend more time in the gym, on the field — practising and training. It made me more focussed on my profession and what I really need to do. As I told you before, cricket is the only thing I am good at and there’s nothing else I can do to survive, so I need to give it all I have”- KL Rahul.
  • “It was hard for both of us. We did speak to each other about it while this whole process was on (investigation). He was with his family and friends and I was with my people. We switched off from the outside world for those few weeks. We learnt from the situation, accepted it” – KL Rahul.
  • “I still remember I did not step out of my house. It took me a week or 10 days to just realise that this is not it. You have to step out and face the things than just being in your cocoon” – Hardik Pandya told India Today.
  • “I realised that this is kind of an exam that is coming at a difficult phase which you have to get through. I then shifted my focus to my game and forgot what happened. Whether I was going to be suspended for six months or coming back in the next game. I had no idea, it was just rumoured.” – Hardik Pandya

KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya’s friendship


kl rahul and pandya roaming


Partners in crime 😀 aren’t they? We have seen a lot of Rahul and Pandya photos together. They enjoy each others company & usually roam around together.


Even the tragedy of Koffee with Karan was not strong enough to break their bond 🙂 and cricketaddictor has mentioned below information.


Recalling those tough times, Hardik Pandya revealed that the incident didn’t hamper their friendship even though they decided to remain away from each other briefly. Pandya lauded KL Rahul for becoming calmer following that occurring, which had the potential to end his career.


“Our friendship never got…. We took one month off from each other… was needed. The stress level was so much at that time. KL never changed.. the friendship stayed. Yes, become calmer than what he was. He has been some. We still love each other.” the 26-year old stated as quoted by Cricbuzz.



KL Rahul on Exchange of Jerseys


kl rahul and pandya exchanging jerseys


Remember the epic moment when KL Rahul & Hardik Pandya exchanged their jerseys after Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab’s match.


“We are back to being good friends. We literally spend 300 days together, travelling and playing cricket. Hardik is still a good friend and we enjoy each other’s company,” Rahul said. So, Hardik Pandya got his best friend back 😉





Do you really think it was only just Hardik Pandya’s mistake?


karan johar destroyed kal rahul and hardik pandya's career?


If you will ask me I will definitely say “No”, that bastard Karan Johar had trapped them. To gain TRP, he played with Rahul and Pandya’s image by drawing them into the controversial questions.


Even Hardik Pandya said it was just the flow of the show which drove him into the trap. See I’m not backing or defending Pandya here but this is what I feel.


Hope you guys like the post. Let me know in the comment section what you feel about this.


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