The Dark side of IPL which you don’t know

When we talk about IPL (Indian Premier League) everything feels like a fairy tale, the glamour, the entertainment, the matches everything seems so good but there are plenty of dark secrets of IPL as well which we aren’t aware of.


Every coin has 2 faces and IPL and another side i.e. the dark side of IPL is miserable and scary too. People lose their money, self respect, the character just because of the dark reality that exists in the Indian Premier League.


Here are few dark sides of IPL which have to be addressed.


dark side of ipl


Racism abuse over Cheerleaders


Throwback to the time when South African cheerleader Gabriella Pasqualotto confessed,


“To the citizens, we are practically like walking porn. All eyes are on you all the time; it is complete voyeurism. The women double take, see you and then pretend you do not exist. The men see your face, then your boobs, your butt, and then your boobs again! As we walk, all you hear is “IPL, IPL!” with a little head jingle!”


She wrote in her blog that not only the audience but sometimes cricketers also pass inappropriate and flirtatious comments.


The thing is if cheerleaders are brought into the IPL only for dance and entertainment purpose then why not any brown skin girl get a chance to perform and dance? Why only white skin girls get a chance to perform? Just because they can seek audience attention?


Even according to a few sources foreign players get cheerleader girl supplies, People misbehave with foreign cheerleaders lot of them raise complaints then IPL management appointment Indian cheerleader with traditional state clothes.


Well, this single incident is big enough to tell us the dark reality of IPL.



After Party dark side of IPL


As per IPL tradition, players do attend late night parties after matches. And law enforcement agencies suspect a lot of drugs in these rave parties.


Players who breach protocols and rules, forget professionalism of how to behave in public which reveals the dark secrets of cricketers.


Many recognized and well named players were accused of IPL party controversy as they were spotted doing wrong and illegal things. A normal party consists of dance, food, entertainment but these parties are something else.


There are plenty of things that happen behind the curtains which we aren’t even aware of.



Match fixing woes


Way back in 2013 we saw players like Sreesanth were banned due to fixing allegations on them. Franchises like CSK (Chennai Super Kings) and RR (Rajasthan Royals) were suspended from the IPL for 2 years.


Gamblers target young players for spot fixing. As these players aren’t financially blessed enough it becomes easy for them to fall into the trap. These greediness and lust for money in players make things easy for the gamblers to target those specific players.


However, the rules are bit strict nowadays and it’s not easy to approach players as they are under the supervision 24×7. Still, demons always know all the loopholes in the system and they utilize that to a significant extent.


This is another sad IPL truth.





The height of hypocrisy is on a different level as far as betting is concerned. In India, offline batting is totally banned and illegal whereas people are promoting betting apps Dream 11, BalleBaazi, Paytm First Games, MPL which is totally legal.


The betting causes a humongous flow of cash consists of black money. Also, the evils do fake blogging and create fake apps to prompt teams.


Many betting contests involves the rapid cash flow between the 2 parties. For instance, they will have a bet on every IPL six, every wicket, every over, in fact for every run.



Workload of Players


Unfortunately, few money-oriented players are preferring IPL over playing for a country. We all know how engage an international player is. They do constant workouts and training, play for a country, plays in the IPL and other leagues over the world.


The constant workload and fatigue also cause a lot of injuries which makes them miss a lot of important international cricket. The chunk of money in IPL attracting them. Hence a few if not all preferring IPL than playing for a country.


They are ready to miss international matches for the sake of IPL. The recent past is the prime example of that where South African players left series against Pakistan midway just to play IPL.





There is nothing entirely black or entirely white in this world, there is something in between Gray. The same implies to the IPL as well, there are plenty of positive aspects as well.


Young talent gets recognized, Boon for a player who lags financial support and resources, local players get exposure of playing alongside many national and international stars.


Apart from the dark side of IPL we surely can’t ignore the positive sides of IPL as well. Hope these dark secrets will be rectified soon and we will again see a proper cricketing atmosphere.


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