The Biggest Cricketing Rivalry – India vs Pak

Sorry Ashes but now most of us feel that India Pakistan has become biggest rivalry in the cricketing world. The biggest rivals of world cricket, the reason I’m saying biggest is simple – In India & Pakistan, fans take it as a patriotic day. In fact, there are 3 patriotic events celebrated in these nations.
  • Independence day
  • Republic day
  • India-Pak match 
India vs Pakistan head to head

Lack of bilateral series

India has played last test series with Pakistan in 2007, last ODI series in 2012/13, certainly there is a huge downfall in bilateral series between these nations or rather I should say no bi-lateral series is going on at all.
However, they meet in ICC events like WC, Asia Cup etc. and this rarity has inturned the excitement towards Ind-Pak match to a sky-high level.
*Sometimes it feels like even ICC takes dig on the fans of both the nations by scheduling their WC match on Father’s Day

India vs Pakistan History



The battle on a cricket field started in 1952 & it’s going on, lots of legendary players from both the nations emerged, conquered & retired but the rivalry remains the same rather it has grown up to a different level.
Players from both the nations want to win against each other by hook or crook. They are quite aware of the fact that their people want them to win against each other, even if they lose against other nations like Aus, Nz, it doesn’t emotionalize them much. Have you heard about that incident where Wasim Akram’s granny was giving him a warning – “Har ke mat aana” (Don’t come home beaten), from this you can imagine the hype of Ind-Pak match, where all the TRP records shatter down.

The Ugly Fights

India vs Pakistan fight
There are many instances where we have seen players from both the side losing their cool & temper and involved in some ugly fights by exchanging ugly words.

Few popular fights 

  1. Gambhir – Afridi (my favourite:-p  
  2. Ishant – Akmal
  3. Gambhir – Akmal
  4. Harbhajan –  Shoaib Akhtar
  5. Javagal  Srinath – Saeed Anwar
But the important thing is  it’s understandable sometimes you lose cool in the heat of the moment, as you are representing your nation so it is quite obvious but it shouldn’t go out of the field, in any sports, you must understand the phrase rivals, not enemies.

India vs Pakistan Head to Head

Even though Pakistan has better overall record they have never managed to win against India in any of the World Cup matches till date including T-20 world cup.
Manchester, England

50 over world cup

  • 1992 – India won by 43 runs
  • 1996 – India won by 39 runs
  • 1999 – India won by 47 runs
  • 2003 – India won by 6 wickets
  • 2011 – India won by 29 runs 
  • 2015 – India won by 76 runs
  • 2019 – India won by 89 runs.


20 over world cup

  • 2007 – NR, India won by 5 runs
  • 2012 – India won by 8 wickets
  • 2014 – India won by 7 wickets
  • 2016 – India won by 6 wickets.


Champions trophy

  • 2004 – Pakistan won by 3 wickets
  • 2009 – Pakistan won by 44 runs
  • 2013 – India won by 8 wickets
  • 2017 – India won by 124 runs, Pakistan won by 180 runs.


Point to be noted

Pakistan has good over-all record till date only because of lack of cricket between the two nations from the past few years. Otherwise with the current quality of both the sides India would’ve easily changed this in their favour with their sheer dominance.  


Hope internal issues of both countries will get solved soon & we will be able to see these historical rivalries again. 
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