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Every generation has their idols and heroes. I guess we are lucky enough to born in the same generation as these legends. We have taken 3 pair of sports duo from different sports to conclude and decide who is the best.


The post is a bit interesting because we have taken the 3 most iconic sports duo from modern sports. How often we compare Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronald, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, Virat Kohli and Ab de Villiers and fight over that.


Honestly, we can have an election for this and still get an end result as tie 😀 Don’t worry I will share my personal favourite after every point. Here is the list.



1. Roger Federer And Rafael Nadal

sports duo federer nadal


Legendary sports duo from Tennis, probably the best tennis players of all time. You start counting their achievements, you may fall short of time.


Federer Nadal rivalry which makes the game of tennis even more interesting. Federer has 20 major titles followed by Nadal who has 19. This duo is the first and second on the men’s all-time list for the most majors titles, and hold numerous other records between them.



Head to Head

They faced each other 40 times in which Nadal has won 24 whereas on 16 instances Federer outperformed Nadal.


Nadal has a good record against Federer in French Open, Australian Open. But my favourite Wimbledon suits Federer i.e he has a good record against Nadal in Wimbledon.



Federer vs Nadal who is the best?

Honestly, it is very very hard to pick one but as I promised at the start I will have to pick one. No diplomatic or safe answers right?


So due to his passion, long term survival in tennis & playing with the same intensity despite his age I will go with Roger Federer. But nevertheless, Nadal’s aggression perfectly works for him so he is just an inch behind in the list.


Lionel Messi And Cristiano Ronaldo (cr7) 

ronaldo messi


Even after so many years if you ask your Grandchild who is the best between Messi and Ronaldo, he will tell you, Grandpa, I’m not sure 😐 You can imagine why we are saying this a never-ending debate. Might be the biggest sports rivalry as far as individual players are concerned.


Messi has won Ballon d’Or 6 times whereas Ronaldo has won 5 times. Both are the backbone of their clubs and country. Every time Messi creates any record in very few upcoming days we get news Ronaldo has broken that or vice-versa.


Once in an interview, Ronaldo told that we push each other to do well. The good thing is that both have mutual respect for each other which is a sign of a champion player.


“When Ronaldo was asked about his son following Messi, he replied I’m glad he is a fan of a great player”.



Interesting Coincidence

Ronaldo (34) is 869 days older than Messi (32). Surprisingly Ronaldo’s son is exactly 869 days older than Messi’s son.



Ronaldo vs Messi who is the best?

Now the tougher question is waiting for me with an open sword, huh. No cheating right?


So, Ronaldo is my pick. I have seen Messi doing magic for Barcelona on numerous occasions. However the same isn’t a case when he plays for Argentina. Maybe the pressure of playing for the country could be the reason.


While you see Ronaldo, apart from a club he delivers for Portugal as well.


But let me explain one main reason behind Messi’s average record for Argentina. We know unlike tennis, cricket and football is a team game you simply just can’t rely on one player to do the job. And the fact that Argentina over-reliant on Messi sometimes his teammates lets him down.


But for me, he is still a magician in the football world.



3. Virat Kohli And Ab de Villiers

sports duo Kohli ab devilliers


Superman vs Batman? No, it’s Virat Kohli vs Ab de Villiers. Even though Virat plays for India but a lot of Indian fans would pick Ab de Villiers as their favourite batsman speaks the craze of Abd in India.

This comparison is even tougher from the above two. Maybe even closer than 51-49.


Kohli has shown us you can tackle the worst situations with hard work, dedication and patience while Abd has shown us nothing is impossible. 2 diamonds of the game, isn’t it?


The more anyone criticizes them the more they shine.


Virat and Abd are one of the few batsmen who can adjust themselves according to circumstances. That’s why they are successful in all 3 formats (Test, ODI, T-20).


Virat and Abd play for RCB are much like Messi and Ronaldo playing for the same team. However, RCB hasn’t done well in IPL.


“10 years back Kohli used to ask me for batting tips now I take batting consultancy from him” – Ab de Villiers


Kohli vs Abd who is the best?

Shh, finally it’s the last tough questions of the day. But I have to answer it.


Ummm, I will go with Virat considering his temperament in tough situations & match awareness.


Abd may have 200% more skill than any other international cricketer but the talent isn’t everything. After hearing this Rohit Sharma will thank me for sure 😀 


But if someone asks me who is the most valuable & dynamic cricketer of all time, without a second doubt I will go with Ab de Villiers.




Well, as I promised I picked one player from each sports duo. But to be very honest that wasn’t easy at all.


Sometimes what I feel is we shouldn’t compare legends like them they are unique in their own way. And if you pick one it will be unfair with the other.


In other words, for an instance, you may be the ardent fan of Cristiano Ronaldo but it doesn’t mean you should disrespect Messi. Legends deserve respect and they need to be respected.


So that was the list of sports duo and never-ending controversy. Let me know what you feel about this in the comment section.


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