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Gentleman of the game 

If cricket is a gentleman’s game then without a second doubt NZ cricket team is a gentleman’s of the game. If being a gentleman is art then NZ team is a Picasso of it.


A team with no hater, a team who has a fan following worldwide. New Zealand has a legacy of producing gentlemen like Brendon McCullum, Kane Williamson, true entertainers like Danny Morrison.


Perfect sportsman’s spirit

Kiwis gentlemen of the game

How often we have seen irrespective of limited resources NZ produces clinical performances on a cricket field. They just mind their own business & without any ugly sledging still produces results, which is admirable. A team which doesn’t like to get involved in the controversies unnecessarily. The New-Zealand team don’t like much attention, they truly understand the fact why they are on the field. Every player takes pride representing a New Zealand which makes them even more competitive.

ICC Events

Even though they don’t have ICC trophy in their cabinet their record in ICC events is commendable. Yes, they do chock in semis & finals but unlike many other teams at least they play with their heart out to reach there.
  • We all know in 2019 they nearly pulled up a World Cup but it just because of some umpiring errors (Ben Stoke’s glove) & controversial decisions (boundary count rule in super over) they paid the price for that by officially not having a world cup trophy.
  • I bet if it would have been any other team in place of kiwi they would have argued against all the laws of ICC. Might be any other team wouldn’t have agreed to play after few controversial decision but NZ accepted that with a big heart.
  • Hence ICC awarded NZ as the best Spirit team of the year in 2019.


If you are looking for a role model whom you can follow in terms of sportsman spirit then New-Zealand team surely comes first in the list. 

Not only their moral values but their fighting spirit is also appreciable.

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