Mother’s day, 2020

“Mothers are second God on earth”

mother-child -bond

Mother is the one whom you look for as soon as you reach home, isn’t it? You know what, she has money for almost everyone in a family but not for herself, a one who makes sure has everyone in the family eaten up? then only she starts eating. 

Sacrifice queen

I heard in one story there was a family of 5 members, they had 4 apples to eat, I don’t like an apple said the mother. A mother can take care of 10 sons & daughters but sometimes 10 sons & daughters cannot take care of a single mother, which is painful.  


“Mom is just a reflection of wow”.



  •  Where is my charger?
  • Where is my shirt?
  • Who is this irritating relative?
  • Where we are going?
  • Because of you, I’ll reach office on time 😎
Where is mom? ( Haha 🙂 fathers please don’t get offended, I know your love is very much underrated).

Social media show-offs

Today, unfortunately, we are living in that generation where show off has become must, rather than caring for her, helping her, supporting her, few only likes to show off on social network about how much they care for their mother. 

I’m not saying this is a bad thing at all but apart from showing your love & care on social media, care for her in real life as well. Remember showing off isn’t everything. Mother’s efforts are something which cannot be celebrated on one specific day. 365*24 is incomplete without a mother. 

few things you can gift her on this mother’ day 

mother daughter bond

Unfortunately or fortunately, now we are fully quarantined in this lockdown, we got plenty of time from our busy schedule as the world is taking rest, spend with your loved ones including your mother. Use this once in a lifetime opportunity of lockdown in learning new skills, spending quality time with family & inspiring others by just laying on a sofa couch.


How often we don’t realise the things we have right now before it’s too late value the things you have.

Don’t just believe in showoffs it’s just a mirage rather be happy in what you have. Share your thoughts with everyone here 

Ishan Lalwani

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