Life with or without cricket

Just a quick update, Cricket Australia has scheduled T-20, ODI & Test series for the Indian team in the months of October, December & January respectively. However, the schedule may get change based on BCCI decision. Meanwhile, every team has to follow a few guidelines which are given by ICC.


ICC has given guidelines for resumption of cricket. More cricket news seems to be on the way, hope we cricket fans will soon get some really good news

ICC guidelines for cricket resumption post lockdown

No handshakes in matches

Cricket is known as gentleman’s game but now gentleman’s won’t shake hands with each other rather they will use sanitizers often. 

No Hugs & celebration after wicket

Bowlers won’t be able to celebrate too much after wickets fall down considering this rule. Suresh Raina & Imran Tahir, are you watching this buddies?

Umpire will not hold caps and sunglasses etc

Umpires may get a little sigh of relief as it’s frustrating sometimes to hold things considering so much sweat nowadays ๐Ÿ˜œ

No use of saliva on the ball

Poor bowlers. In the batsman dominating era, again one more rule which won’t help the bowlers. The amount of help which bowlers used to get from using saliva on the ball will no longer be available from now.


14 days isolation before any series

Prevention is better than cure, ICC know this very well. So from now onwards players must isolate themselves at least 14 days before any series.
* Even training & warm-up sessions will be solo.

Special training for bowlers 

Another rule which won’t please the bowlers but now they have to undergo special pieces of training before taking part in the match. 

World Stand Still

Unfortunately, now the whole world is taking rest, it’s been more than 2-3 months when we last visited the cricket field. And without cricket, life feels totally incomplete. We simply just can’t wait to relive those moments again.
Not only we are missing curiosity of playing cricket but on the same point, we are eagerly waiting for international cricket to resume so that we can watch our on-field heroes again. 
gully cricket street cricket Lifeline ๐Ÿ’–
Cricket it’s just a synonym of Life for fans like us, isn’t it? We simply can’t imagine our lives without cricket. Most of today’s generation kids are busy in playing online games like Pubg (although it’s a very good game) but they don’t have any idea about how satisfying it is to play cricket on the field. 
Smashing few mighty sixes, thinking rest of the day about those shots & smiling. Well, nothing could beat this feeling, probably one of the best feelings one could ever get.


Cricket fans around the world, I can really feel you. How difficult it can be sometimes, I know that feeling. Stay optimistic guys & let’s hope for the best.
If you guys have anything to discuss, please share your opinions in the comment section & let me know what you think about that.

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