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Everyone is excited about IPL 2020 as we got new IPL updates. IPL 2020 is scheduled in U.A.E. & first match of IPL 2020 to be played on 19th of September. IPL teams and international brotherhood comparison includes all the major international cricket teams and IPL teams which are equivalent to each other.


IPL teams are quite famous for their fighting spirit, nail-biting matches and giving raw talents. Similarly, we have a bunch of international teams which we can co-relate with IPL teams.


Here is the list of top IPL teams and their International twin.


1. CSK And India

csk and india


Chennai Super Kings and India are always a juggernaut in any tournament. Undoubtedly, both are the most consistent teams of IPL & international cricket respectively.


They are very hard to defeat & sometimes it feels like other times are only fighting with each other just to meet them in the knockout.

Despite all these facts they aren’t the most successful because they have 50-50 record in the knockouts. CSK fall short in front of MI whereas India’s track record against Australia isn’t that great.


However, they still have remarkable records due to the courtesy of best IPL captain (considering limited resources) & legacy of the players. 


You simply can’t deny the fact whether they won or not they always start as favourites. You can imagine the Aura of both the teams with this.


CSK won IPL trophy 3 times along with 2 Champions League. Similarly, India has two 50 overs World Cup, one T 20 World Cup & two Champions Trophy title.


All these fact and figures make them the perfect match for the category of IPL team and their international brotherhood. Though few think Australia are better matched for CSK considering their jersey colour and win at any cost attitude.



2. MI And Australia

IPL team and international brotherhood


Mumbai Indians and Australia are the brothers from another mother. They have the most number of trophy.Australia has 5 World cup trophies whereas Mumbai Indians have 4 IPL trophies & 2 Champions League trophy in their cabinet.


Australia had the world’s best captain in the form of Ricky Ponting, on the other hand, Mumbai has the most successful IPL captain in the form of Rohit Sharma.


Both teams were full of legends & when other teams are playing against them they have to be on their best or play out of their skin in order to beat them.


I checked few sites like dream 11 these are the 2 teams which are considered as the toughest team to beat in IPL and international cricket. 


Maybe all these things are more than enough to say Mumbai Indians and Australia is the perfect match of IPL team and international brotherhood.


It is quite fair to say MI is the best IPL team and the same applies for Australia in international cricket.



3. RCB And South Africa

IPL team and international brotherhood


Don’t tell me you are the one who trolls RCB the most 😆

Almost before every tournament Royal Challengers Bangalore and South Africa starts as favourites but later fails to make a statement.

On paper, it feels like no one can beat them but they disappoint their fans every time.


Both teams are full of batting powerhouse and star players. RCB have the deadliest duo in the form of Virat and Abd. While South Africa used to rely on the likes of Amla, Abd and the skipper Duplessis.


The most common thing they have in common is their luck. How often we have seen them losing because of rain & Duckworth Lewis (D/L) method. 


Despite having the best resources they choke on bigger stages. In the later part of the tournament, we have seen them more often than not they depend on other teams matches for their knockout hopes.

Maybe because of less temperament & inability to use their resources are the biggest reason behind their early exit & disappointing performance. As a result, they don’t have any trophy in their name.


But they give us reasons to support them, RCB plays with Green Jersey once in a season to support the environment. Whereas South Africa wears pink to spread awareness of breast cancer.



4. SRH And Pakistan

IPL team and international brotherhood


Sunrisers Hyderabad and Pakistan usually don’t start their journey on a positive note. But as tournaments progress they set their standard high. Once they start to gets go they become a very powerful unit.


Just like Pakistan are known as good defenders of the game, Sunrisers Hyderabad also has shown great ability to defend low totals. 


Due to the fact of having lethal bowling attack including few world-class spinners they manage to go ahead in the tournament. However, the batting department is a concerning factor for both teams.


Both teams are heavily reliant on a couple of players. David Warner and Kane Williamson in case of SRH. Babar Azam & Fakhar Zaman in case of Pakistan. 


Pakistan has 2 World Cup including T -20  World Cup whereas SRH also has 2 IPL title (including Deccan Chargers).


5. RR And Sri Lanka

IPL team and international brotherhood


Rajasthan Royals had won the first IPL title of the IPL back in 2008. They are the first team to win IPL thanks to the legendary spinner Shane Warne & quality all-rounders in the side.


Like Rajasthan Royals Sri Lanka too had one of the best team of the world cricket but that’s all the past.


After winning their title they are struggling from too long. One upset here and there but no one expects them to outperform any team nowadays.


Another reason behind the comparison of RR and Sri-Lanka in the IPL team and international brotherhood section is their ability to generate quality all-rounders with time. Ben Stokes, few quality national Indian all-rounders just carries the wait on their shoulders. Whereas Lankan team is dependent all-rounders like Angelo Mathews and Thisara Parera.


Sadly, nowadays, fans are least interested in their matches since they have become minnow of IPL and international cricket respectively.



6. KKR And England

england cricket kolkata knight riders

Kolkata Knight Riders don’t have very high IPL team ranking but they managed to win 2 IPL titles. On the other hand, England doesn’t have a good track record in the bigger tournaments but a new England team changed that by winning the 2019 World Cup.


KKR came into the picture after winning 2012 IPL title & from then they are tagged as one of the better teams of the IPL. Similarly, after a disappointing 2015, World Cup England Board ( ECB) had rebuilt the team. They bought young blood on the side. Now it is fair to say England is the most balanced teams in limited over format.


England and KKR sometimes become very tough to beat especially on their home ground. They have more than enough IPL and international players to turn the table single-handedly.

Decent & attacking opening, dangerous middle-order & key contributions of lower-order sets them a contender for any tournament. 


One more thing they have in common KKR and Eng both have great local talent, but depends on other state players 😀 . 

Will, it fair to say England and KKR are IPL and international twin?



7. DC And West Indies

west indies cricket delhi capital


The most obvious factor which relates them is their inconsistency. 

Delhi Capitals is the most dangerous IPL team same we can say for West indies in terms of international cricket.


Again the reason behind this is the same inconsistency. Haha, not kidding let me explain. On their day they can outperform the biggest giants of the game but on their off day, they will look like a local club team.


If everything gets well even 250 isn’t big enough for them but if the stars aren’t well they may get all-out for 90 as well.

Both have big hitters, match winners, 1 or 2 gusty pacers but still unable to make huge impact often.


Above all, these 2 are one of the most entertaining & spiritual teams in IPL and international cricket.

Another IPL team and international brotherhood continued aren’t it?



8. KXIP And New Zealand

new zealand cricket kings 11 punjab


Last comparison in the category of IPL team and international brotherhood category & surely the least equivalent IPL and international twin.


New Zealand always has been able to fight and compete in bigger stages despite having limited sources. That’s not a case with KXIP.

  1. Few similarities we can figure out between Kings XI Punjab and New Zealand includes their destructive opening pair. Gayle and Rahul for Punjab whereas Guptil and Colin Munro for New Zealand.  
  2. Presence of quality spinners like Ashwin, Santner, Ish Sodhi for respective sides.
  3.  Both are big underdogs.


But still, I feel comparison with KXIP isn’t do justice for the New Zealand team. They are much better side in terms of consistency, match-winning spirit and delivering under pressure.

Maybe we can compare Bangladesh with KXIP. What do you guys think?




We have seen the relationship between Indian and foreign players has grown over the years thanks to IPL.


Here we have given a complete list of IPL teams and international brotherhood category.


The comparisons above are based on historical records, titles, players involvement and consistency.


Hope you guys like the article, sorry if I miss your favourite team in the list, you might belong to associate nations like Netherlands, Ireland etc. as we have only 8 IPL teams it was very difficult to fit them in the list.


Let me know in the comment section if I miss anything you were expecting.


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