India and England dominators of white ball cricket in the next decade?

Every team has their auras and as far as white ball cricket is concerned we are witnessing a sheer dominance by India and England. The kind of depth these teams have in their squad is scary.


Few sides are finding it difficult to manage 1 quality team and these nations are playing with 2 parallel teams. Not only playing but winning with their so called B team as well.


India england dominate white ball cricket
Dominators of white ball cricket


We saw how England clean swept Pakistan in the one day series and India took the unstoppable edge against Sri Lanka last night courtesy of the heroics of Deepak Chahar.


It’s that kind of formidable bench strength India and England have. Even their reserve players are good enough to compete against any side in any conditions.


Still, remember the statement Ben Stokes Gave at the toss “All 11 are changed today” 😀


Along with the depth in their sides, the other factor which makes India and England dominating in white ball cricket is their excellent first class structure.


The level of first class cricket in India is as good as any international circuit, in fact, it’s one of the major reasons why India is getting ready made talents who are already groomed for international cricket. We saw it with Deepak Chahar yesterday.



The same applies to England as well. They have a rich exposure to first class cricket in the form of county cricket. So their players are also good enough to get into the squad.


While teams like Sri Lanka doesn’t have the luxury of a great domestic circuit which causing them a lot of problems at the international level.


So considering all these factors in mind India and England have a great chance to dominate white ball cricket in the upcoming decade.


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