ICC World T-20

This Covid-19 pandemic is becoming serious day by day. The moment we think things will ease down, we are getting awful news.
It’s been more than 2 months or so we are missing Live cricket action, we fans can not even imagine our lives without cricket. Certainly, we all want this pandemic to get over soon so that we can switch to our daily routine & enjoy some live cricketing action.

ICC World T-20 to get postponed 


ICC World T-20 to get postponed

With all the tough luck & likelihood, ICC World T-20 to get postponed next year. However, ICC hasn’t announced this officially yet but soon the decision will be made based on the circumstances.

Factors causing ICC World T-20 to get postponed 

  • Cricket Australia has clearly given their guidelines that they won’t be able to host T-20 World Cup this year due to lack of funds for giving hospitality to 16 nations participating in the event.
  • Even if the event happens, it will be with empty stands. No Spectators = No Profit, so it’s not a good idea for Cricket Australia.
  • If world T-20 occurs, possibly there will be no IPL this year. It’s another reason why Cricket Australia doesn’t seem interested in hosting this event. 
  • BCCI can’t think of scheduling this in India, as 2021 T-20 & 2023 World Cups are already scheduled in India
  • Safety of the players is more important than anything else.

What can we expect from 2020 ICC World T-20

As we know Cricket Australia has clearly denied hosting T-20 World Cup this year. Even the chances of hosting it next year seem tough. If IPL takes place as scheduled next year, again it will become difficult for World T-20 to happen.
Also, there is a pre-scheduled T-20 World Cup in 2021 as well. So it’s ridiculous to organize two T-20 World Cups in 1 year.




With all these facts & figures we can expect T-20 World cup 2020 may get postponed for next 2 years i.e. it will take place in 2022 in Australia.
28 May 2020, ICC committee will take a final call on this. Hope we will have some good news.
That’s all for today, if you guys have any queries or if you want me to write on any specific topic, please let me know.

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