ICC announces expansion of global events, Champions Trophy is back

The International Cricket Council on Tuesday announced the expansion of global events. After their digital meeting, it is confirmed that the Champions Trophy will be back.


The last time Champions Trophy was played back in 2017 where Pakistan had beaten India in the finals. Since then no Champions Trophy was taken place as ICC had introduced the World Test Championship.


The World Test Championship final 2021 will be played between India and New Zealand at Southampton which is starting from 18th June. There is no news about whether the World Test Championship will be held in 2023 or not.


But, thankfully, without removing the World Test Championship edition from the upcoming cycle of 2024-31 ICC added the Champions Trophy again which is great news for the cricket fans like us.


ICC announces expansion of global events, Champions Trophy is back
ICC announces expansion of global events till 2031


ICC announced the expansion of Global Events


Year Name of the Event (Men)
2021 World Test Championship (WTC) Final
2021 T20 World Cup
2022 T20 World Cup
2023 World Cup
2024 T20 World Cup
2025 World Test Championship (WTC) Final
2025 Champions Trophy
2026 T20 World Cup
2027 World Cup
2027 World Test Championship (WTC) Final
2028 T20 World Cup
2029 Champions Trophy
2029 World Test Championship (WTC) Final
2030 T20 World Cup
2031 World Cup
2031 World Test Championship (WTC) Final
ICC Events Men

Year Name of the Event (Women)
2022 World Cup
2023 T20 World Cup
2024 T20 World Cup
2025 World Cup
2026 T20 World Cup
2027 World Cup
2027 T20 Champions Trophy
2028 T20 World Cup
2029 World Cup
2030 T20 World Cup
2031 T20 Champions Trophy
ICC Events Women

Year Name of the Event (U 19)
2021 Women’s World Cup
2022 Men’s World Cup
2023 Women’s T20 World Cup
2024 Men’s World Cup
2025 Women’s T20 World Cup
2026 Men’s World Cup
2027 Women’s T20 World Cup
2028 Men’s World Cup
2029 Women’s T20 World Cup
2030 Men’s World Cup
2031 Women’s T20 World Cup
U19 ICC Events



ICC Global Events Format


The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup will become a 14-team, 54-match event in 2027 and 2031.


The 2027 World Cup will have 14 teams and 54 games, like the 2003 World Cup it will have 2 Groups of 7 teams each, top 3 qualify for Super Six followed by semi-finals and final. Also, 2031 will have the same pattern of super six.


However, World Cup 2023 will have the same pattern which was in the 2019 World Cup where there will be only 10 participants who will play against each other in round robin format.


ICC Men’s T20 World Cup will be expanded to a 20-team, 55-match event in 2024, 2026, 2028, and 2030, 4 Groups of 5 teams each, top 2 qualify for Super Eight followed by the knockout stages of semi-finals and a final.


Though World T20 2021 and 2022 will have only 16 participants and 45 matches.


The Champions Trophy will be hosted in 2025 and 2029 while the ICC World Test Championship Finals will be hosted in 2025, 2027, 2029, and 2031.


It won’t have any changes the champions Trophy will have 8 teams and 15 matches where the world Test Championship 2025,2027,2029,2031 will also follow the same pattern which we saw in 2021.



The Return of the Champions Trophy


Great, great news. Earlier, some people have argued over the champions Trophy, saying that its format (50 overs) clashed with that of the World Cup, so it should be discarded. But now it will be reintroduced in 2025 like the previous editions.





ICC acting chief executive Geoff Allardice said,


Having the ICC event schedule confirmed through 2031 is a significant step forward for cricket and will form the basis of our growth strategy for the next decade. And the revised approach to selecting hosts for our events will give us much more flexibility to grow the game and engage new fans.


So that was all about the expansion of global events and the reintroduction of the Champions Trophy by ICC.


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