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Cricket Frantic is a platform for passionate sports fan or group of individuals to stay updated with all cricketing trends over the world. 

Cricket Frantic Existence

The purpose of writing this blog is to connect sports fan all over the world, share their views & a small step to bring them closer to the game.


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Man Behind Cricket Frantic



Hey there! I’m Ishan Lalwani. A Blogger, an Engineer and sometimes, a Cricket Commentator.


To be very honest I wanted to be a professional sportsperson but destiny has brought me on a different track it seems. I guess that’s one of the main reason behind starting this blog – to keep myself attached with the game. I feel very proud whenever I meet & interact with different sports fan like Cricket & Football fans from different parts of the world. So this blog is just a small initiative that I’ve taken.


You can read more about Cricket Frantic at About page.

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