Foreign cricketers fan following in India

Here is the list of our favourite cricketers who don’t belong to our country but still they have a huge fan base in India. 

1. AB de Villiers (Ab-baby)

ab devillier, best batsman in the world
The first name that comes to our mind when we hear Mr 360 is Abraham Benjamin de Villiers. A versatile South African batsman who can hit the ball anywhere in the stadium, who plays with bowler’s mindset. 
There are many rumours going around the world that he is – a footballer, a tennis star, a swimming champion, has represented South Africa in other sports blah blah. But I tell you what this all isn’t true. Therefore, stop calling him Alien 😉
He himself concluded that in one interview which proves that he is a human too & isn’t from another planet. I remember one incidence of  Gandhi- Mandel trophy, Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai where he was playing against India but the crowd was supporting him as he is their own.

2. Brendon McCullum

Bazz, remember the name.

The second name in the list is our own Bazz, my own favourite. Probably one of the very few batsmen might be the only one in the world who dances down the pitch & smashes 150 kmph ball for a six.
An aggressive captain, decent wicket-keeper & a lightning-quick fielder.
Above all, he has changed NZ cricket’s way of playing from the very first day when he took over the captaincy.

3. Chris Gayle

sachin god gayle godzilla

A Jamaican cricketer Christopher Henry Gayle, only name is enough to put fear in the eyes of a bowler. A perfect entertainer on & off the field. Don’t speak much but once he starts swinging his bat even the biggest cricket grounds in the world looks like a small park.
Remember 175 against Pune Warrior India, oh my goodness he is really a Godzilla of cricket.

4. Brett Lee

Brett Lee or Bullet Train
Binga – a true fighter, 2011 WC quarter-final is a classic example of this, a guy who can bowl as fast as a bullet train. He is quite popular among Indian players who had actually given a nickname – Khargosh which means a Rabbit to him.
Honestly tell me how many times you tried copying his action in your childhood?

5. Kevin Pietersen

kp style switch hit or a cake walk
Here comes an Englishman originated from South Africa ( Graeme Smith’s best friend 😜), who has tattoo all over his body, one of the most stylish & prolific players the game has ever witnessed.
Switch hits or unorthodox hitting has become a trend nowadays & I guess KP  holds copyright for that.

6. Lasith Malinga

Bumrah calls Malinga the Yorker King

Slinga-Malinga, who has a typical round-arm action, Maggy kind of hairstyle that perfectly suits him. A gentleman who always keeps a smile on a face doesn’t matter whether he has bowled a perfect toe-crusher or batsman is bashing him all over the park, he never shows his emotion on the ground.
Once he quoted
‘Mumbai is my city & Sachin is my God’.

7. Dwayne Bravo

dj bravo champion dance
Another Windies player, Dj Bravo who is quite famous in India not only because of his athleticism in cricket but also because of his dance moves. A perfect team who brings extra energy into the side. 
Sometimes it feels like he took birth in CSK, not in the West Indies. I  tell you what these Windies players are true entertainers of the game.

8. Glean Maxwell

mini afridi or maxwell

Maxy, believe me, guys this name has become popular in India than any other country or region in the world. Even my own cricket teammates have printed Maxy on their jerseys.
His love for India continues as he ended up marrying an Indian originated girl❤. You all might have seen his viral video of playing Holi with Kings XI Punjab cricket fans during IPL, if not here is the video



9. Rashid Khan

An Afgan cricketer, whose age is a little bit debatable. Haha, that’s why I haven’t out any photo here:-P
He recognized as Afgan Jalebi (a sweet in India). An all-rounder who is troubling the batsmen all over the world with his googlies is another one of the most loving personalities in India along with his spinning partner Md Nabi. 


So that was the list of some famous & lovable foreign cricketers in India. India is a country where cricket is religion & people literally worship it. Indians are always famous for their great hospitality & welcoming, even cricketers feel like a second home when they visit India.
Hope you guys liked it, let me know if I missed your favourite cricketer in the list & please don’t forget to subscribe my blog.

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  1. Raj

    Where is Adam Gilchrist,Danny Morrison & Shahid Afridi ?

    1. Ishan Lalwani

      I really thought of including Gilchrist in the list but just before publishing I removed the name & as we know Danny Morrison is a genuine entertainer he also could be the part of the list but I’m not a fan of Afridi, I feel he is bit overrated.

  2. dinesh

    David warner ? He has a lot of fan following especially in the southern states!!

  3. Luke Krawetz

    If this is not a big secret;), where is the author of the blog from?

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