Famous Quotes on Indian Cricketer – Rahul Dravid

Indian cricket is nothing but the history of Legends. The cricketer will come & go but there are a few cricketers which born only once a decade.


Here are some famous quotes on Rahul Dravid which proves why there can be only one Rahul Dravid.


Famous quotes on rahul dravid


Famous Quotes on Rahul Dravid


  1. You ask Rahul Dravid to walk on a water he will ask, how many miles? – Harsha Bhogle
  2. All these things going around is not called aggression. If you really want to see what aggression means, see in Rahul Dravid’s eyes- Mathew Hayden
  3. Try to take his wicket within 15 min if you can’t then only try to take remaining – Steve Waugh
  4. Team in trouble? Whom do you turn to? Rahul Dravid – Ian Chappell
  5. You tell him he played well, he will come with someone else has played well – Harsha Bhogle
  6. Time & tide wait for nobody except Rahul Dravid – MTV India
  7. If you can’t get along with Rahul Dravid you are struggling in life – Brett Lee
  8. He is truly the mainstay of the Indian batting. He is the best batsman of India in this era undoubtedly – Kapil Dev
  9. If Rahul Dravid been born in any other country than India, he would have been much more famous than Sachin Tendulkar – Jacques Kallis
  10. It is not an exaggeration to say that a whole stand of the game – a rich vein that runs through the game’s poetic heart – departs the scene with India’s greatest ever No. 3. Playing T-20 won’t teach anyone to become the next Rahul Dravid – Ed Smith
  11. If there one Indian player who could get direct entry in 90’s legendary Australian team it would be Rahul Dravid – Glean McGrath
  12. If I have to put anyone to bat for my life, it will be Kallis or Dravid – Brian Lara
  13. The wolf who lived for the pack – Harsha Bhogle
  14. If I packed only 2 sets of informal clothes, he would rotate them through an entire tour if he had to and not think about it. He doesn’t care for gadgets and barely register for brands of watches, cologne or cars. But if the weight of his bat is off by a gram, he would notice it in an instant and get the problem fixed – Vijeta Dravid ( Rahul Dravid’s wife).
  15. For a career full of grace, charm, timing and poise, it was sad that it had to end with a slog. But that was once again, what the team just needed – Harsha Bhogle
  16. Dravid is a perfect role model for youngsters. He has set a great example for all of us to follow. We are all struggling to follow the path – Sachin Tendulkar
  17. If Sachin is the Superman of Indian cricket universe, Rahul Dravid is The Dark Knight – A fan
  18. Rahul Dravid being known as ‘The Wall’ is pretty much spot on. ‘The fortress’ could also describe Rahul. Because once Rahul Dravid was set, you needed the bowling equivalent of a dozen cannon firing all at once to blast him down – Shane Warne
  19. Rahul is the kind of person who young cricketers can look up to; not only because of his success but also because of the way he conducts himself – Steve Waugh
  20. Champion on & off the field showed us with his great hard work, the sky is the limit – Mahesh Bhupathi
  21. Dravid has been a class player for a long time now and we know his ability better than anyone. He’s not like the other guys who love scoring off every ball, and there’s no real weakness in his game either – Glean McGrath
  22. Dravid could play attacking cricket like me but I could never play like him – Chris Gayle
  23. Everyone praises Sachin Tendulkar. He may be a genius in his own right, but in my book, Rahul Dravid is the artist. Dravid’s defence tactics, his strokes, his cuts, his glance are truly amazing. I’d like to meet the chap sometime and take my hat off to him – Peter O’ Toole ( Irish actor)
  24. He is regarded by the Australians as one of the mentally toughest players they have come against. He is a tough task competitor. He is a wonderful cricketer for India, a great, great cricketer – John Wright
  25. Rahul Dravid is a player who would walk on broken glass if his team ask him to – Navjot Singh Sidhu
  26. I’ve seen how Rahul goes about his innings and that’s something I want to get myself involved with – Kevin Pietersen
  27. Dravid’s remarkable career is proof that nice guys don’t finish last – Steve Waugh
  28. Everyone has already exhausted superlatives so I would not bother myself with any additional praise but you could be sure my admiration for him has grown tremendously – Alan Border
  29. Some succeeded because they are destined to but he succeeded because he was determined to – Navjot Singh Sidhu
  30. He’s probably the nicest guy. No, he is the nicest guy that I have met in cricket. He’s a phenomenal man – Shane Watson
  31. He deserves his success as he has worked hard for it. He is one of the most down to earth and disciplined professional I’ve met – Mahesh Bhupathi
  32. Even though Sachin is great, I have always found Rahul more solid and hard to get out. He has a solid defence and plays less shots than others. When a batsman plays less shots then it is tough to get him as he makes less mistakes – Shoaib Akhtar
  33. Ask any bowler and he will tell you that all the greats will give you half chance early in their innings, except Dravid – Gaurav Kapur
  34. For me, an ideal Dravid innings needs a most challenging pitch. If it’s a batting beauty with the ball coming on to the bat, give me Sehwag or Laxman; if there’s a truly great array of bowlers set to be unleashed, give me Tendulkar. If it’s a minefield, give me Dravid – Siddhartha Vaidyanathan ( a fan)
  35. If martian were to land on earth now and be told that the best batsman in the world was playing in this match, he would think Rahul Dravid, not Sachin Tendulkar – Christopher Martin Jenkins ( Ex MCC president)
  36. Rahul is always been in the shadow of Sachin. If you take his record it is as good as Sachin’s but you can’t compare both as they are a different kind of players. Rahul is a complete cricketer – Muttiah Muralitharan
  37. Sachin is God, Ganguly is the God on the off-side, Laxman is the God of 4th innings. But when the temples are closed, even Gods are behind the wall – A fan
  38. Now I find myself coming in after Rahul, a job so huge that India has traditional left to Sachin Tendulkar. By that marker, I can only disappoint – Australian Journalist
  39. When I’m done with my profession. I wish I could go with the reputation that Rahul Dravid earned – Harsha Bhogle
  40. Elegant at the crease, eloquent in retirement, thanks for the memories – ESPN
  41. I have also not seen him lose his temper. He has that uncanny skills of keeping his frustrations to himself. He hats to get out though and you can see the restlessness in him till he gets his act together in the next outing. He is the most hard-working guy in the side – Javagal Srinath
  42. On a different note, I can’t help commenting that when it comes to style, I find Rahul Dravid most stylish. In Boxing parlance, he gets his punches without anyone noticing it. At the end of it, his opponent is bruished – Viv Richards
  43. Becoming a Rahul Dravid fan is not easy, not when you have sachin around, sachin came, he saw, he conquered, Dravid came, he toiled, toiled, toiled and toiled – A fan
  44. I am aware that many people see Rahul and me as similar cricketers, I am flattered because it’s good to be compared to a guy who has an average of over 57!.It’s only now that people are recognising that Dravid has probably played more critical knocks than his great contemporaries – Steve Waugh
  45. Nothing can beat experience -Brad Hogg
  46. Rahul respects the game, which is why we cricketers respect him. He doesn’t play “games” with the game – Ashok Mankad
  47. We had no illusions about Rahul Dravid. We always knew that even in the presence of Sachin Tendulkar and the others, he would be the difference between
  48. the two teams because of his ability to bat for hours & hours without feeling any pain – Moin Khan
  49. I can say without doubt that in my life if I met someone who is geniunly a gentelman than its Rahul Dravid only – Prahlad Kakkar (Indian film director)
  50. Whenever they see Rahul, they give a 10 – Harsha Bhogle (On seeing Rajasthan Royals at the top of the FAIR PLAY AWARD points table)
  51. If Dravid wasn’t your first love while watching cricket , then you haven’t understood the game at all – Anonymous
  52. Rahul Dravid is not like SRT – the poet of cricket, not like G.Vishwanath -the writer of cricket, not like Gavaskar – the singer of cricket but he is the GRAMMAR of Cricket – Anonymous
  53. India wanted Sachin to play but India needed Dravid to play – Unknown
  54. As is usual in India, they could name a street after Rahul Dravid. But then, the Americans have already done it. #Wall Street ! – Anonymous
  55. There are the Sachins, the Sehwags, the Laxmans and the Dhonis, but when it comes to playing the sheet anchor’s role, and giving the innings the required solidity from one end (so that the batsman at the other end can play his strokes), the Indian team think-tank doesn’t look beyond Rahul Dravid Anonymous
  56. I can’t recall beating him more than one ball in a row – Jason Gillespie
  57.  I thought grinding only happens in the kitchen in the mixer grinder, but Dravid taught one can grind on the cricket pitch as well. We had it all when we had the Wall – Virendra Sehwag
  58. Rahul Dravid’s contribution to Indian cricket is like a House wife’s contribution to the family. The worth is only known when she is absent – A fan
  59. Dravid showed how to lead life and the attitude a player should have – Suresh Raina
  60. Guys like him (Rahul Dravid)… it’s not even advisable to think that they will be replaced by some other youngsters. Youngsters will be under tremendous pressure if they start to think like that – MS Dhoni
  61. Rahul’s committment to Indian cricket is summed up by the fact that he has been keeping wickets in ODIs because the team needs it, and not because he likes it or is the best at it – Murali Karthik
  62. After he got through the first 15-20 minutes, it became just another Ranji Trophy game for him– Venkatapathy Raju
  63. He has a lovely style of batting. He has silken strokes and to me looks like a traditional player. I would go any length to watch him – Martin Crowe
  64. Jam’ was a great character to have in the dressing room. He was someone who loved challenges, whatever was thrown to him throughout his career – whether he was asked to open because of any reason or was asked to keep wickets – MS Dhoni
  65. As at Lord’s Dravid’s bat had a mellow ring to it and even his defensive strokes had the hallmark of class – David Field
  66. Rahul made me realise that there are times when a match-saving innings can be as crucial as a match-winning one – Aakash Chopra


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