Engineering or Negotiation of a Career

The topic is a little bit out of the box i.e. Engineering or I should say Accidental Engineering.

Disclaimer: Topic is covered only for reading purposes, the intention isn’t to hurt anyone’s sentiments or feelings of helplessness.


backlog is to make you


The transition phase of life

Engineering colleges are the places where a future photographer, scientist, footballer, artist, actor everyone meets for the very first time.
I tell you what 90% of typical Indian kid, till 1st 15 years of your their life, want to become a cricketer.  Hahahaha ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ & here is the twist then they join Engineering and suddenly their life changes dramatically.
Who knew, a kid who could be the best in their respective fields are now an average Engineering student with 3 backlogs ๐Ÿ˜…
A famous Indian movie named 3 Idiots describes this thing at it’s best. If you haven’t seen this must-watch movie here is the link
Finally, now you have accepted your destiny even though you don’t want to be. Common Indian parent thinks if their child does Engineering it is a very safe option. At least their child will be able to earn bread & butter which isn’t wrong to some extent. They don’t want their child to take a risk & follow their passion because they are feared of failures, society & all. They want all the happiness of the world for their child but on the same time, they don’t want their child to take a calculated risk.
Their actions sometimes may seem wrong but believe me, their intentions are never wrong. They are the only ones who stand with us in every worst situation with their unconditional love & support. Kota Factory– an Indian series describes this very well.

Typical Engineering College And Hostel Life

hostel days, hostel fun
Now after taking admissions in Engineering colleges, the purposeless kids start writing lengthy & senseless assignments, practicals, buttering teachers for sessional  & best of all bunking classes & looking for girls ๐Ÿ˜œ
1st year usually goes in all those bullshit pieces of stuff. In 2nd year now as we become familiar & comfortable with most of the guys, we start roaming, enjoying, making fun, preparing just 1 day before the exam. Thank God we all have that 1 topper friend who is always there for us to teach all those bookish things in just 1 day. As we all are already aware, most of the engineering colleges have made engineering business, they fail to teach you proper education, they will teach you 40 nonsense subjects but won’t teach you the actual skills which are required to grab a job.

Hostel Life 

hostel days, hostel fun masti
No one can enjoy Engineering life better than hostlers, they make their own family in friends & roast each other like anything. 
Remember the time when we used to think about what will we do in college now we got every other reason to go college & enjoy.
Finally, one day comes when we get our sendoffs from the campus, we too become a bit emotional after making so many memories with a place which at first felt like a hell but later on becomes the most important part of our lives.

What after Engineering

Small colleges , large visions
As expected most of us don’t get our dream job so some choose to go for higher studies, some works in call centers, sales & marketing etc for their earnings. Few who luckily gets jobs in MNC for only 300$ starts giving their career a brand new path carrying so much burden in their heart. 
Companies use them like Robots, their personal life sometimes get sucks but still they handle all the problems with ease just because of their 4 years experience of Engineering. 


So the conclusion is an engineer becomes everything in engineering, except an engineer. Beware of engineers they can become anything & can perform better than anyone else in their field. They aren’t less than a Legend.
Let me know if you guys like this article or can relate with this. Interacting with you guys means a lot for me.

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