4 Dhoni’s Bad Decision Which Offended His Own Fans

“Definitely Not” these 2 words restored smiles on the faces of millions including me. Dhoni is known for his out of the box thinking – Giving last over of World T-20 final to Joginder Sharma or sticking with Ishant Sharma in Champions Trophy 2013 finals. However, there were a few instances where Dhoni’s bad decisions or moves made his own fans and devotees unhappy.


Here are the 4 instances of Dhoni’s bad decisions which proved no one is perfect and as a human being we are allowed to make mistakes.



1. Hitting Mustafizur Rahman in his ODI debut


dhoni bad decision


Remember, the series where India lost their first-ever series against Bangladesh. Mustafizur Rahman was playing his debut match and he was trying to block batsman while running. He was coming is a batsman way again and again.


First, he came in a way of Rohit Sharma while he was batting, Rohit warned him. Even after that, he came in a way of Dhoni. But this time Dhoni pushed him and hit with an elbow, he had fallen down on the ground.


Even though Mustafizur was doing wrong, Dhoni could have done much better but he crossed the line that day. Dhoni realised this very quickly, we could see that on his face. Later on, that guilt resulted in MS Dhoni’s wicket in that match. 

This is the one instance which he isn’t proud of.



2. Rotation Policy


rotation policy in cb series


Another bad and tough decision of Dhoni where he enforced the rotation policy in CB series 2012.


The idea of the policy is to go with 2 seniors at a time. That means either Sehwag-Gambhir, Sachin-Gambhir, Sachin-Sehwag will open and the other one will be benched.


The reason behind Dhoni’s decision is to ensure Indian fielding should be quick. He claimed that seniors are slow fielders, which is criticized by fans and even Sehwag took a dig about this in a press conference.


Ultimately, when India found themselves in do or die situation where India had to win with a bonus point in order to remain alive in the series, he brought back the trio. All of them eventually played together and due to heroics of Kohli in Hobart India won that match.

This was really a ridiculous move but players had to follow whatever is decided by management and captain.



3. Giving Last Over to Kohli in World T-20 Semi-final


dhoni bad decision


Remember, the match against West Indies in world T-20 semifinal where Lendl Simmons came to world cup just to beat India (he was injured before and after playing that match he got injured again).


India put a decent show with a bat by scoring 190 odd runs, managed to get Gayle out cheaply as well. But fortune wasn’t with India that day. Lendl Simmons got out twice – both were no balls. Also, the dew factor affected India’s hope as well.


Even though due was their and Ashwin was expensive in his spell he could have backed your number one bowler instead of going with the Kohli. I know it hardly would have made a difference considering dew, Russel’s form and all but India had their best chance with Ashwin.


Few might think that he did the same thing with Joginder Sharma as well but there is a huge difference between Joginder and Kohli in terms of bowling. Well, there shouldn’t be if & buts in the game of cricket still that wasn’t a wise move from Dhoni.



4. Retiring in Midway


msd dhoni bad decision of retiring in test


Here, I’m talking about Dhoni’s test retirement. After playing the 3rd test against Australia in 2014-15 he announced retirement in the mid of the series which left his fans, teammates and everyone in shock.


Yes, fans were criticizing him unnecessary for India’s poor run in overseas condition, there was a lot more cricket left in him. He could’ve played as a player like he did in limited-overs but he decided to quit. Yet we have to respect individuals personal decisions.


Even after 6 years or so India haven’t found a good replacement of Dhoni in test cricket. Those were really big boots which are very tough to be filled by any youngsters.





MS Dhoni has done so much for Indian cricket but these were a few instances were Dhoni’s decision making offended the fans. 


Every Individual has their own flaws no one is perfect in this world. Despite a few gambling decisions, MSD’s contribution can not be neglected. He has given a lot to Indian cricket and fans to cheer. Now, fans are eyeing his strong comeback in IPL 2021 for CSK.


Hope you guys like the post. Let me know in the comment section what you feel about this.


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