Cricketers and their Signature Shots

We have witnessed many jaw-dropping and breathe taking unorthodox shots in cricket. Nothing is better than watching your favourite cricketers playing their signature shot.


Here is the list of Famous Cricket Shots which are signature of cricketers.


1. MS Dhoni – Helicopter Shot


ms dhoni helicopter shot
Ms Dhoni’s Helicopter


In the USA they say we have helicopter and India we say we have MS Dhoni 😀


You bowl a decent yorker right in the blockhole, an absolute toe crusher but still, it went for maximum, how? Simply, it’s Mahi’s magic and helicopter shot.


MS Dhoni used to play with the mind of the bowler. He used his crease brilliantly throughout his career, he used to stand a few inches behind the crease.


As a result yorker for other batsman but half-volley for MS Dhoni 😎


Good to see Hardik Pandya is taking the legacy of Helicopter Shot ahead.



2. Sachin Tendulkar – Straight Drive

Sachin Straight Drive
Sachin Straight Drive


They said nothing is perfect in this world, Sachin’s straight drive is I replied.


Perfect use of the hands, steady & balanced head position, right above the ball, ah nothing is beautiful than watching this 😉


It was such a delightful sight to watch, that drive used to be so much dead straight that even it had hit the stumps on many occasions. Stright drive is one of the safest options to attack the bowlers without hurting their ego 😀


Remember Harsha Bhogle once quoted


“When Sachin hits a straight drive, the world seems all the more beautiful”.



3. Kevin Pietersen – Switch Hit


cricketers and signature shots
KP Switch hit


No one could play switch hit better than David Beckham of cricket. And if I say Kevin Pietersen holds the copyright of switch hit then it’s not wrong.


However, nowadays we have seen David Warner do play switch hit more often with quite a perfection. It feels like any right-hander has hit the shot, tells you the caliber of Warner.


Do you guys remember that incidence where KP played the identical back to back switch hits for a six and Scott Styris just couldn’t believe what’s happening.



4. Ricky Ponting – Pull Shot


Ricky Ponting Pull shot
Ricky Ponting Pull shot


Ricky Ponting and pull shot still a better love story than Twilight? Anything slightly short of a length and you will get punished by the Punter.


Doesn’t matter how quick and lethal you are Ponting will bash you all over the park if you bowl short to him. Who knows this better than Shoaib Akhtar 😉


Undoubtedly Ricky Ponting was one of the greatest puller of the ball ever.


In modern cricket, I reckon Rohit Sharma is quite close to Ponting. The way Rohit pulls the likes of Cummins over Log On will simply amaze you. Probably, Rohit is one of the rarest batsmen who can pull down the ground for a six much like Andre Russell.



5. AB de Villiers – Lap Shot


ab devilliers lap shot
AB de Villiers – Mr 360


If I ask you who is the most versatile batsman of all time without any doubt you will say Abraham Benjamin de Villiers.


It is very difficult to pick only 1 shot for Ab de Villiers as he is a 360° player and plays all around the ground still the way he plays Lap Shot makes him different from others.


Smashing one of the best bowlers in the world (Dale Steyn) all over the park isn’t a cakewalk. If you say Steyn isn’t a T-20 bowler for your kind information he had smashed Rabada as well 😎


Just like his idol Jos Buttler also does this more often to bowlers with ease. And if you have a best friend like Ab de Villiers how can Virat Kohli stay behind without playing those Ramp Shots 😀



6. Tillakaratne Dilshan – Dilscoop


cricketers signature shots
T Dilshan Dilscoop


Do you know the Ramp Shot was named Dilscoop w.r.t. Tillakaratne Dilshan as he started playing this before it was cool and popular.


With his extraordinary ability to play Dilscoop, Dilshan came into the limelight. During IPL 2008-09, T-20 World Cup 2009 he had played that shot to more extent.


Much like Helicopter Shot it is another antidote for the bowlers who are bowling toe crushing yorkers provided you should master this stroke first.



7. Glean Maxwell – Reverse sweep


cricketers signature shots
Maxwell Reverse Sweep


More than a conventional sweep Glean Maxwell prefer Reverse sweep. It becomes very difficult for the spinners to deal with a batsman like Maxy.


You might be the best spinner in the world but on his day he will toy you and your spinning partner. Even though he mistimes few still finds a way to survive and counter-attack with same reverse sweeping strategy.


But I feel Eoin Morgan is the one who plays Reverse Sweep with much more perfection, presence of mind and match awareness. You shouldn’t go for Reverse sweep when your team is 3 down at 20.


Still, you can’t deny the fact that Maxwell is one of the best sweep shot players in cricket.



8. Virat Kohli – Cover Drive


Virat Kohli Cover Drive
Virat Kohli Cover Drive


Arms full stretched, rightly balanced head position and a special Virat Kohli’s cover drive. Outside off, overcooked, just a little bit half volley and Virat Kohli will cache on the ball and bring cover drive out from the armoury.


Talk about the list of signature shots in cricket, Virat Kohli’s Cover Drive surely has a special place in that. I believe no one can play better cover drive than the Super V. He is just a treat to watch.


Is Virat Kohli the best Cover Driver ever along with Kumar Sangakkara?



9. Virendra Sehwag – Upper Cut


cricketers signature shots
Virendra Sehwag Upper Cut


“Upar se lane ka, niche dabane ka, Piche utahne ka ahaha”. Remember that song from 2011 World Cup which was dedicated to Sehwag’s uppercut.


Very few you might know Sehwag wasn’t the 1st one who invented the Upper Cut rather it was Sachin who played this against Brett Lee for the very first time.


However, Sehwag then mastered the shot and played it quite often and to a very good extent.


Viru forwarded the legacy of Upper Cut and that is the reason people believe Upper Cut is Sehwag’s signature shot.



10. Rahul Dravid – Square Cut


rahul dravid square cut
Rahul Dravid Square Cut


If you ask me I would walk miles to watch Rahul Dravid playing Square Cut. Just a little bit of room outside off and Dravid will not miss the opportunity to cut the ball behind or front of the square.


To succeed outside the subcontinent, you should have the skills to play the horizontal bat shots (cut & pull) and that was one of the main reason behind why The Wall has earned so much respect not only in India but on foreign soils as well.


Can you guys figure out who plays the best square cut in modern-day cricket?



11. Brendon McCullum – Dancing Down the Track


cricketers signature shots
Brendon McCullum Dances down the Track


2015 World Cup, my gosh! Dances down the wicket and smashing 150 kmph for a six. Are you kidding Bazz?


He did this to the prominent fast bowlers of the world. Whether it’s Johnson, Malinga, Steyn or any other he doesn’t care. Dances down on nearly half of the pitch and still smashing the huge sixes over long-off with his amazing bat speed =-o Freak isn’t he?


Apart from this, he used to play Ramp Shot as well. If you look for another player who used to have similar abilities ( Walking over the pitch or playing Ramp Shots) then Robin Uthappa is the one whose name comes to our minds.



12. Sourav Ganguly – Off Drive


Sourav Ganguly God of the Offside
Sourav Ganguly God of the Offside


Sometimes it feels like the Bengal Tiger & the current BCCI president had bought the offside area. You put all the 11 players in offside Ganguly will still find a way to find the gap.


“On the offside first there is God then Ganguly”.


The statement tells you the dominance of Sourav Ganguly over offside whether it’s a square drive or cover drive.


Many people think hitting those lofty sixes was the trademark of Dada’s batting but the actual signature shots were over offside.



13. Suresh Raina – Extra Cover


Suresh Raina Extra Cover
Suresh Raina Extra Cover


Another stylish left-hander from India. Playing shot ball was the weakness of Suresh Raina but playing those delicious extra cover drives wasn’t 🙂


Stepping towards leg stump, giving himself room to free his arms over long-off was the hallmark of his batting.


Doesn’t matter whether it’s spinners or fast bowlers he had played the extra cover lofty drives with the same efficiency and consistency throughout his career.


Extra-cover was Raina’s signature shot no one could play that shot better than him in his prime, fair enough.


People of Chennai gave him the name ”Chinna Thala” after his amazing performance for the franchise over the years.



14. Steve Smith – Mid Wicket Flick


cricketers signature shots
Steve Smith Flick over Mid-wicket


The modern-day great and probably the best test batsman of the era. You bowl a decent delivery outside off but Steve Smith can still fetch it from outside off even from outside the wide line and flick it towards mid-wicket.


His technique isn’t ideal, seems like he is a proper LBW candidate due to his high backlift but somehow he still manages to get bat on the ball on time.


And when Steve Smith plays that mid-wicket flick you just wait and watch. Despite the unorthodox technique, it’s quite amazing how he adjusts himself to play the flick shot over mid-wicket.



15. Mahela Jayawardene – Late Cut


Mahela Jayawardene Late Cut
Mahela Jayawardene Late Cut


Playing Late Cut requires a lot of patience and this guy has plenty. Waiting for the ball to come towards you, hold your shot for as long as possible and then cut the ball nearly from keeper’s gloves.


Mahela Jayawardene scored a significant amount of his career runs through Late Cut, tells the importance of Late Cut in Jayawardene’s batting.



16. VVS Laxman – Flick of the Wrist


cricketers signature shots
VVS Laxman Flick of the Wrist


Very Very Special leg glance using his wrist, such a delight to watch, pleasing to the eyes we must say.


Just anything on the pads and the magical wrist will come into the play. You bowl 100 deliveries on the pad and he will flick all those 100 deliveries with the same perfection and sheer timing.


A typical subcontinent batsman with full of temperament, wrist work and a special ability to adapt the 4th innings that’s what defines Laxman’s class.



17. DJ Bravo – Off Balance Slog


cricketers signature shots
DJ Bravo Off Balance


Like any other typical West Indian batsman, the low, free & off-balance slog of Dwayne Bravo had become very popular signature shots in cricket.


Whenever he does play the shot it feels like he will lose his balance, power and timing. But surprisingly, the shots are still good enough to sail over the boundary.


Hard to believe, how can those clumsy yet stylish shots can clear ropes with ease? This Caribbean are unbelievable, aren’t they?



18. Yuvraj Singh – ?


yuvraj singh sixes
Yuvi’s Elegance


Can you guys figure out which Yuvraj Singh’s shot posses the most power? Well, to be very honest it is very difficult in case of Yuvi to pick just a one-shot.


Almost all the shots played by Yuvi looks stunning, elegant and mesmerising. But due to his high backlift, powerful flick over midwicket and mid-on tops the list.


Such a fighter he was, if you are looking for the player who hits the most stylish sixes surely, Yuvraj Singh is the one.





So these all were the cricketers signature shots and the list covered almost all the cricketing shots.


Not only the best cricket shots one could play but it is a pure joy to watch these shots.


Hope you guys like the post. Let me know in the comment section if I missed your favourite player on the list.


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