7 Cricketers and lookalike twin

According to a few pieces of research, there are 7 other people in the world, who look exactly like you, which may or may not be true 😀 but as far as cricket field is concerned we have plenty of cricketers and lookalike twin.


We have figured out a few cricketers and their lookalikes who aren’t siblings or brother but still look identical in their appearances.


1. Quinton de Kock and Sarah Taylor

cricketers and lookalike
Believe us! we are different.



My goodness feels like Quinton de Kock has worn England’s jersey and started playing for England also. But let me tell you she isn’t de Kock rather she is Sarah Taylor 😛


Are they doppelgänger? are they brother-sister? No, they aren’t. One plays for South Africa, in fact, he is South African captain and the other is dazzling batter for England women’s team.


Apart from the appearances, one more similarity between them is both are also wicket keeper batter known for free-flowing stroke play, opening the batting in one-day matches and batting in the middle order in Tests.



2. Virat Kohli and Ahmed Shehzad


cricketers and lookalike
Kohli and Shehzad


This used to be the biggest comparison around a decade ago courtesy to Pakistan cricket fans.


First, they compared Virat Kohli with Ahmed Shehzad then with Umar Akmal and now with Babar Azam.


Talk about Ahmed Shehzad‘s he looked promising early in his career but haven’t become the player which people expected him to be.


Pak fans compared Shehzad with Virat Kohli due to his looks, beard and fancy hairstyle. But as far as their game is concerned Kohli is a way ahead you can’t even think Shehzad in that league, no offence though.


Both favourite actresses were Anushka Sharma. However, apart from being the most handsome cricket player in the world, Kohli is the husband of Anushka now.


Recently the couple becomes the parents as they are blessed with a baby girl.



3. AB De Villiers and Travis Head


cricketers and lookalike ab de villiers travis head
Brothers from different mothers


This is probably the closest of all. I still remember the incidence in IPL when Travis Head was fielding for RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) and he took a blinder and people including me thought he is AB De Villiers.


Later on, it took around 4-5 replays to clarify that he isn’t AB rather he is Travis Head. Even RCB teammates might be got confused after watching both of them in the same dressing room.


But RCB’s captain might have figured out as Virat Kohli shares a special bond with Ab De Villiers.



4. Martin Guptill and Heinrich Klaasen


cricketers and lookalike
2 toes with his lookalike


The below image looks like a photoshopped image but it is not. One is Martin Guptill (2 toes) from New Zealand and the other is South African Wicket keeper batsman Heinrich Klaasen.


Another cricketing lookalike pair. They seem like brothers from the same mother. Fair, tall, brown beard, speaks less, gun fielders as well.


I’m damn sure Guptill might have messaged Klaasen when he first saw him playing for South Africa just to confirm things 😀



5. Ajinkya Rahane and Dhawal Kulkarni


cricketers and lookalike
Ajinkya Rahane lookalike academy


Dhawal Kulkarni welcome to the Ajinkya Rahane lookalike academy 😛 I tell you what there are plenty of cricketers in India who look similar to Jinks. But Dhawal Kulkarni, Jaydev Unadkat tops the list.


I don’t know but there should be some connection between this Mumbaikars, how can they be so much similar?



6. Alastair Cook and Moises Henriques


Cook for Australia or Henriques for England
Cook for Australia or Henriques for England


And here comes the former England captain Alastair Cook and an Aussie All rounder Moises Henriques.


If you look closely, their charming smile and sleepy face give us the impression that they are twin brothers. However, Cook is a legend for England cricket and a long way to go for Henriques.


Wish they could have faced each other in the Ashes to confuse fans whether Alastair cook is playing for Australia or Moises Henriques is playing for England 😀




7. Shane Watson and Luke Wright



cricketers and lookalike
Watto and Wight


Their all round show, funky hairs and powerful hitting make them another lookalike pair of the world cricket.


Coincidentally, again one used to play for Australia and the other has represented England.

Apart from batting, looks even their bowling action looks quite similar. 


Apart from the cricketers and lookalike list, we have a list of twin brother in cricket as well.


1. Craig and Jamie Overton


twin brothers cricketers
Overton brothers


I guess you don’t need any other proof to confirm the identity of twins brother of England cricket.



2. Hamish and James Marshall


brother players in cricket
Marshall brothers


The first identical twins ever to play international cricket. Many people might think that the below image is a collage of a single person but it is not and it will be difficult to tell who is Hamish and who is James Marshall.



3. Eric Bedser and Alec Bedser


twin brothers in cricket
Bedser brothers


Both of them were twins and they used to wear similar dresses and like Marshall brothers, it was very difficult for people to know who was Eric and who was Alec Bedser.


Also see





So this was the list of a few iconic cricketers and lookalike which made the people guessing all the time. Did I miss Waugh brothers who were known as the father of Australian cricket as well?


The world is full of wonders and to look exactly identical with the other is surely one of the wonders.


Hope you guys find the post interesting. Let me know in the comment section what you think about this.


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