Cricketers And Football Equivalent Stars

The friendship between cricketers and football world has grown very well over the years. Whether it’s Virat Kohli, Harry Kane, Thomas Muller and Yuvraj Singh, they started knowing each other.


Many cricketers and football players shares many common habits & routines in many ways.


Also, cricket and football players and fans are all over the world. People always look for similarities between their favourite cricket & football player.


Here is the list of top cricketers and football equivalents in terms of aggression, skills, styles & controversies.



Cricketers And Football Equivalent in Aggression 

1. Virat Kohli And Cristiano Ronaldo

virat kohli ronaldo


Virat Kohli and Cristiano Ronaldo are the two giants & fitness freak from the world of sport. They have many things in common like their passion towards the game, hard work & dedication, never give up attitude.


Both can play under pressure, they always deliver for the team under pressure. However, Kohli likes to have tattoos on a body while Ronaldo doesn’t.


Just because of their aggressive nature ( which suits them & works for them) they have millions of haters as well.

Millions of haters but Billions of fans“.

Warning: The more opposition sledges them the harder they come back on them.



2. David Warner And Mohamed Salah

cricketers and football equivalent



Another aggressive pair from cricket and football industry which shares similarities is David Warner & Mohammed Salah. Both are 100% effort guys who always prefer team first rather than their personal milestones.


Both like to play forward and on the front, posses great body speed & stamina. They love to challenge the opponents & both are capable of delivering jaw-drawing performances.


They never fail to entertain their fans with their actions & gestures.



3. Sourav Ganguly And Zinedine Zidane

cricketers and football equivalent


The boss, tigers, rulers, world dominators, these words suits them. Both had done wonders for their team. They were true leaders who like to lead from the front.


Attacking, aggressive & dangerous (AAD) for oppositions. Probably they were the most impactful player for their side. Only their presence in the team was enough to fear the opposition.


Currently one is the president of BCCI & the other is the manager of Real Madrid. Much deserving, isn’t it?

“If a biopic is made on Sachin it will show a rise of Sachin, if a biopic is made on Dhoni it will show a rise of Dhoni but if a biopic is made on Saurav Ganguly it will show the rise of Indian team” – Virendra Sehwag


4. Ben Stokes And Diego Costa 

Ben Stokes Diego Costa


Both have been in constant talks because of their match-winning performances, abuses to umpires & referees :-P. Due to their actions on & off the field, they faced bans from their boards. Still, both have a strong temperament, fighting character & energetic personality. 


Many people in the world of football don’t like Diego Costa but that isn’t the case with Ben Stokes. Despite his actions, he has a huge fan following across the globe.


Both have sad past stories but they never gave up. Hence they are one of the best in their business.


5. Dani Alves And Dale Steyn

cricketers and football 

Dani Alves worked as a farmer, traders whereas Dale Steyn has grown up doing fishing. They have pace, stamina & they are perfect motivators for their teammates.


They share Flamboyancy in nature which keeps them going. Fans always get excited when they hear their names because of the energy they possess on the ground.


Dani left Barcelona due to some political board issues and now he plays for Juventus. Much like Dale Steyn came from SRH to RCB.


Dani has 40 odd trophies in his cabinet while Dale Steyn doesn’t have many. The reason is simple one play for Brazil who outperforms the other & the other plays for South Africa who chokes in ICC tournaments & bigger stages.




Cricketers And Football Equivalent in Skills

1. AB de Villiers And Lionel Messi

ab devilliers messi


Whenever we hear Magicians from cricket & football world these 2 names hit our minds. They have 200% skills than any other player around them.


The world knows how extraordinary they are. Ab can do anything – smashing reverse scoop on 150 kmph delivery or flicking the ball for a six by just sitting on the knees. On the other hand, you keep plenty of players around him but Messi still finds a way to dribble them and score a goal.


Both are very much unfortunate & despite being best in their field, they don’t have World Cup trophies. Might be trophy doesn’t deserve them.

“I have no problem if people are comparing me with a legend like Messi” – Ab de Villiers


2. Rohit Sharma And Thomas Muller

cricketers and football equivalent


The word effortless, lazy elegance just suits them. They will leave you speechless with their abilities. Sometimes it feels like they have a little bit extra time than any other.


Both are versatile in their way Muller can play as a midfielder, forward and varieties of roles. Similarly, Rohit plays as an opener for Indian team & down the order for Mumbai Indians.


Because of the fact they are surrounded by other legends in the team, they are less appreciated but on their day they are as good as anybody in the world.


3. Steve Smith And Luis Suarez

cricketers and football equivalent


Another great comparison in terms of skillset, mindset & ability. Both are tagged as one of the modern greats.


Smith has shown the world that the technique isn’t everything. It’s more about mindset. Suarez is often praised for his techniques, the ability to score goals from unique & strange positions much like Steve Smith who similarly scores run.


Both the stars have struggled to keep controversies away from their game. Still, they have made a strong comeback after each banishment and have proved their temperament again & again.


4. Zaheer Khan And Gareth Bale

cricketers and football equivalent


Striking for their team is their main agenda. One gives breakthroughs with a ball in hand while the other can pass the ball before the eyesight of a defender blinks.


Zaheer had magic in his left arm from which used to make a world-class batsman his bunny. For Gareth, it’s his left foot where the magic resides.


Pace, swing, trademark style is the ace card for both. How many times we tried copying their styles but failed because no one can do that apart from these two.


5. MS Dhoni And Carles Puyol 

MS Dhoni and Carles Puyol


Legendary captains, humble & selfless personalities with long hairs. How often we have seen them handing trophies to youngsters.


Whether it’s a World Cup or any other bilateral series win. Dhoni never shies away from giving credits to the team. Whereas, Puyol also did the same when he passed the captain’s armband to Eric Abidal so that he can lift the Champions Trophy.

“Whenever the team does well they send the one who performed well in the press conference but when the team lose they themselves come to handle things”.


Both are very similar & a great example of skipper leading from the front, isn’t it?


However, we think Dhoni can also be compared with Andrea Pirlo for his maturity, match-winning decisions & the type of guidance he gives to youngsters.


Even in terms of skills, accuracy and precision, Iker Casillas is one more name which comes to mind who can be compared with Dhoni.




Cricketers And Football Equivalent in Style 

1. Kevin Pietersen And David Beckham

Kevin kevin Pietersen David Beckham


Undoubtedly, Kevin Pietersen And David Beckham are the most prolific & stylish players the game has ever witnessed. However, in terms of popularity, David Beckham is a way ahead of Kevin Pietersen.


One could think of David Beckham as the best midfielder of all time. Although Pieterson hasn’t achieved as much as Beckham still his records are remarkable. Pietersen was one of the main reason behind England T-20 World Cup 2010 success. Even he was the pillar of England Cricket batting order when they retained the Ashes.


Both are good in their way but if I have to pick one in terms of smartness I will go with David Beckham. Doesn’t matter beard or clean-shaved David Beckham can never stop looking smart.




2. Brendon McCullum And Oliver Kahn 

cricketers and football equivalent


The two greats from their respective fields who have a hunger for the win, attacking & never give up attitude and above all, a fighting spirit to fight till the last breath.


They both are ball keepers ( a wicket-keeper and a goal-keeper). They were sensational in the World Cup who led their sides in the final but just because of their one mistake their team lost the final ( 2002 & 2015). 


This shows how important they were for their team as their teams were heavily reliant on them.


One of my friends thinks Brendon McCullum & Alexis Sanchez are more similar in their ways.


3. Chris Gayle And Zlatan Ibrahimovic

chris gayle latan ibrahimovicz


Cool, Thug Life, what else we all are living in Chris Gayle & Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s world :-D. True entertainers on & off the filed. Doesn’t matter how skilled & talented you are they can kill your attitude.


Their mangers used to be confused whether they were really mangers in front of these two who just follows their own rules.


Both blessed with monster egos. If Zlatan doesn’t audition for anybody, Gayle is jealous of his parents that he will never have a kid as cool as theirs.


They both are loyal towards their commitment, team & fans which is why they have a special place in fans heart.

They both believe in one thing

“If your presence doesn’t make an impact, your absence won’t make any difference”.


4. Ronaldinho And Yuvraj Singh

cricketers and football euivalent


True warriors & fighters of the game & life too. They proved on many occasions willpower is everything. Both have curly hairs, strong jawline & a black headband on their head for some strange reason.


Both follow a similar approach to the game. Yuvi used to do the Punjabi Bhangra on the field whereas Brazilian Joga worked for Ronaldinho. They don’t have high stats like any other legends of the game. But when they start to gets going or when they are in their full-motion hardly there is anyone who can stop them.


Despite being so much talented & gifted they still failed to live up to the expectations. Yet we will always remember them for all the heroics they have done in their respective games.

‘”If anyone wants to learn how to fight back in life, then learn this from Yuvraj Singh & Ronaldinho Gaucho”.


5. Ravichandra Ashwin And Iker Casillas

cricketers and fotball equivalent


Apart from being street Smart, both are famous for saving their teams from troubles. One is treated as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time while the other as surely one of the best spinner of the modern era.  


Both are quite popular to give heart attacks to the oppositions on the field but unfortunately, Iker Casillas was also a victim of minor heart attack surgeries which forced him to take early retirement.


I heard somewhere Jos Buttler still get nightmares about Ashwin’s Mankad :-D.




Cricketers And Football Equivalent in Legacy 

1. Sachin And Pele 

Sachin and pele


Many players become famous because of cricket & football but the truth is cricket and football becomes famous because of these 2 names.


Very much similar stories as both had done their international debut at just 16. Later ruled the game single-handedly for more than a decade.


Who would’ve thought one day these young 16 years teenagers will rule the world of sports with their mastery. They shattered many records which one can not even imagine in the best of their dreams.

They are undoubtedly the G.O.A.T. of the game. Many legendary cricketers and football players had started playing the game just because of them. Indeed they have inspired many generations.


Simply, I can say that players like these two take birth once in 100’s of years. However, players like Kohli & Ronaldo is doing justice with the legacy they left.


2. Don Bradman And Johan Cryuff 

don bradman johan cryuff


Veterans of the game, they were famous even before it was cool. Cricket is a gentleman’s game & Don Bradman could easily be the reason behind that.


It is always difficult to judge the greatness of the player if you haven’t seen them playing the game. Don Bradman’s stats & records speak on his behalf. He nearly averaged 100, oh my word! Few don’t even have a total of 100 international runs in their career.

On the other hand, Johan Cryuff was the main reason behind the rise of Netherland in the world of football.


Despite being an exceptional player Johan Cryuff was a fantastic coach. We can take the fact of how he transformed Barcelona in the time of crisis into one of the best clubs of modern time.


3. Andres Iniesta And Jacques Kallis

Iniesta and Jacques Kallis


All-rounders in their respective games. Kallis can bat & destroy your bowling strategies, Kallis can bowl & unroot your stumps, Kallis can take stunners to dismiss you.


Like Kallis, Iniesta can tackle midfield, a strong defence of the opposition & can lead a side as well which makes him one of the most decorated footballers of all time.


Both have a phenomenal record & if a young generation is looking for a role model they both are surely the best fit for that.



Cricketers And Football Equivalent (Underrated)

1. Rahul Dravid And Paul Scholes

Rahul Dravid Paul Scholes


Probably the most underrated sportspersons of all time. Paul Scholes played around 499 Premier League matches & scored 107 goals. He spent his entire career with Manchester United where he scored 150 goals.


Dravid has 10000+ runs in both tests & as well as in ODIs. Many fans think if Rahul Dravid would’ve born in any other country, he would’ve got much more appreciation & respect. 


They are overshadowed by their other teammates who were also the greats of the game. The Wall is the most preferable name one could think for them as they were saviours for their team.


2. Scott Parker And VVS Laxman

Scott Parker and VVS Laxman


Much like the above pair this due also hasn’t got the fame they deserved. Very very special Laxman was the guy who doesn’t speak a lot. His simplicity, sincerity & hard work towards the game which makes him the unsung legend.


On the other hand, Scott Parker also doesn’t like to be in fame much. Parker came in the limelight after he signed Chelsea. Like VVS he was also a part of important wins for their sides. Earlier Parker wasn’t getting recognised for the things he had done for his small clubs. But later on slowly people started speaking about him.

They gave their team the best contribution yet they don’t a huge fan following like any other cricketer and football player.



3. Ryan Ten Doeschate And Bhaichung Bhutia

Ryan Ten Doeschate And Bhaichung Bhutia



Ryan Ten Doeschate a.k.a. Tendo has the second-best ODI average among current players who scored at least 1000 runs but as he belongs to associate nation Netherlands, fans aren’t aware of the prodigy he possesses. Apart from being a class batsman, he is a class fielder as well. I doubt many people aren’t aware of this fact.


Similarly, Bhaichung Bhutia was an Indian football legend but due to the fact that India isn’t among the top football-playing countries, he hasn’t got fame. He was way more talented than any other local footballer of the recognised club but due to the mentioned fact, he wasn’t able to make his mark.


4. Andrew Flintoff And Wayne Rooney

Wayne Roonie- Flintoff


Both were legendary cricketer and football player from England. Wayne Rooney was overshadowed by the likes of Ronaldo whereas Flintoff was overshadowed by the likes of Jacques Kallis.


Rooney played much of his career as forward & midfielder sometimes, in contradiction to that Flintoff used to bat down the order & sometimes team used him as a pinch hitter.


However, their aggression & win at any cost attitude made them an important aspect of their side.


5. Didier Drogba And Mike Hussey

cricketers and football equivalent


Not sure whether Didier Drogba can be called as Mr Football but Mike Hussey used to be termed as Mr Cricket. But due to the fact that Australia had a legendary team in the ’90s, Mike Hussey debuted very late.


Unlike Hussey, Drogba debuted very early on the international platform. Their struggle stories are somewhat similar. Drogba’s parents lost their jobs while he was growing up. So Drogba spent the majority of his life with his uncle and other siblings. At 18 Drogba was already impressive but still, he hasn’t got many chances on a bigger level as his club coach wasn’t interested in him.


Mike Hussey also has a younger brother David Hussey who also represented Australia. Initially, Mike Hussey was not even in the probable 15 of the squad but like Drogba, he never gave up. Finally, at 28, he got an opportunity to play for Australia & he grabbed that with both hands. 



Cricketers And Football Troll Equivalent

1. Mushfiqur Rahim And Gerard Pique

cricketers and football equivalent


Doesn’t matter how skilful & prodigious you are, if you can not respect the oppositions you will not get much respect back.


One example of this is during the 2018 World Cup, Gerard Pique left just because of the sleeves controversy by saying

“I have tried everything, but I can’t bare this anymore, today’s issue of the sleeves is the straw that breaks the camel. They’ve managed to make me lose the excitement of coming here and although after Russia I’ll only be 31, I’ll leave.”

On the other hand, Mushi celebrated India’s defeat openly after India got defeated by West Indies in 2016 T 20 World Cup Semifinal.

Happiness is watching this, now I can sleep peacefully.

That’ what he twitted.


Mutual respect is what makes you a matured man from an immature boy.


2. Victor Valdes And Kamran Akmal

cricketers and football equivalent

Some funny discussions which I found 😀 

  • Both are as incompetent as the other and both refuse to leave.
  • No Kamran Akmal is upgraded version and like a clown.
  • Both are not doing anything still manged to persists.
  • Both are blocking spots for others.

Note: These points are only for fun, please don’t get offended.





3. Ravindra Jadeja And Emile Heskey 

Ravindra Jadeja And Emile Heskey 


Despite so much criticism by fans they still managed to come back strong & performs. They have all the ability in the world but just their action doesn’t co-operate with them sometimes :-D.


Over the years they have become more mature as compared to their younger days but still, one child resides in them which do all the temptations to do silly stuff sometimes. 


Ideally, they should be called Sir Jadeja & Sir Heskey, I don’t know why but you just call them with that name :lol:.


Two more names come to my mind that can be compared with Sir Jadeja.

  • Fernando Torres
  • Aaron Ramsey

Can you guys figure out why?



Cricketers And Football Equivalent in Controversy

1. Diego Maradona And Shane Warne

shane warne diego maradona


They are termed as one of the greatest of the game. They are magicians who can turn the table in their favour whenever they want. One with his fingers & the other with his feet.


No doubt they were the best in their business but we can not deny the fact that they were the spoiled brats of the games as well.


Shane Warne & Maradona was involved in many scandals. Often they broke rules on the field as well. For instance, many of you have seen Warne taking a Beer can from a fan during IPL  & Mardaona smoking in the restricted area & the dressing room as well.


Their action made them analogues to each other.


2. Shoaib Akhtar And Sergio Ramos

Shoaib Akhtar and Sergio Ramos


They have positive body language, stamina & an attitude to perform on a bigger stage. But at the same time, they are popular for their blatant actions, sledgings & red cards.


How many times we have seen Shoaib Akhtar providing a breakthrough to Pakistani team or Sergio Ramos scoring goals for Real Madrid on the very last minute. They have given many clinical performances but maybe by not maintaining sportsman spirit.


Shoaib Akhtar is also famous for his hypocritical statements for his team as well. Sergio Ramos is also known as finisher who can finish your career as well with his legs :-P. That’s the main reason he often receives red cards on the field.  


3. Andrew Symonds And Mario Balotelli

cricketers and football equivalent


Striker for their teams or rather I should say they were Ace Card for their team. But the lack of discipline & controversies stopped them from achieving more.


Whether it’s a monkey gates or drunk & hit case of Symmonds or Car tragedy, fighting & clashing with teammates controversy of Balotelli, they just lost they’re cool & did many things which they shouldn’t.


Moral of the story they paid the price for many of the sins they have done. Especially, Symmonds career was shortened by controversies.


4. Joey Barton And Sreesanth

cricketers and football equivalent


Well, I couldn’t resist myself from writing this name on the list. Another pair from the cricket & football world who cannot resist without creating controversies.


Both were imprisonment for a significant amount of time for their own reasons. Sreesanth was accused of fixing allegations in IPL & Barton was arrested for common assault during an incident in Liverpool City Centre.


Barton was excluded from all football activities. Similar to this Sreesanth faced a ban of 5 years from international cricket.


They were extremely talented but just controversies ruined their career. We wish them all the luck, hope they learn from their past & will make a mark again.



Cricketers And Football Equivalent in Bench Warming 

1. Manoj Tiwary And Samir Nasri

Both were full of talents but haven’t got many opportunities because of the other quality players around them. They also could be a big thing in their respective sports.


Whatever opportunities they got they tried their best to grab that but it’s just because of too much competition things didn’t work for them.


Samir Nasri was suspended for 18 months a few years back due to doping violation but now he plays for Belgian club Anderlecht.


Both can play many roles – Opening, middle-order & lower middle order in case of Manoj Tiwari & attacking midfield, winger & central midfield in case of Samir Nasri.


2. Subramaniam Badrinath And Mikel Arteta

Both haven’t made a big mark on the international level but were able to stick with franchise & perform well for them.



Nowadays they are more into a coaching kind of things. Mikel Arteta is currently the head coach of Premier League club Arsenal whereas Badrinath is guiding youngsters on a local level.



Cricketers And Multiple Football Equivalent 

1. Shane Bond And Sebastian Deisler Or Marco Van Basten 

Shane Bond can be compared with the two names of the football world. The comparison with two is simple. Shane Bond, Sebastian Deisler & Marco Van Basten were prone to injuries & it won’t be wrong to say injuries made their bright career short.


They could easily be compared with the other greats of the game but it’s just those disgusting injuries haven’t supported them at all.

They came back on many occasions but maybe they are not destined to continue or enlarge their career. I think I should also add Ashish Nehra in the list.


2. Kane Williamson And N’Golo Kante Or Luka Modric Or Paulo Dybala

We all know Kane Williamson as a gentleman of the game. Based on his captaincy skills, batting style & sportsman spirit I found 3 players from the football world that can be compared with Kane Williamson.


It made me ambiguous, to whom exactly I should compare with Kane Williamson. So I left it as it is. Do me a favour to find who is more equivalent to Kane & more importantly why?



Cricketers And Football Equivalent in terms of Audience Choice

Meanwhile, Cricketers and football equivalent are categorised based on audience choice & views. In this you have to figure out the following pair is matching or not? If yes, in which term or aspect.


Let’s see how many of you can figure out.

  • Jasprit Bumrah And Marcelo

  • Rashid Khan And Kylian Mbappe

  • Damien Martyn And Frank Lampard

  • Gianluigi Buffon And Alec Stewart

  • Eden Hazard And Joe Root

  • Babar Azam And Neymar Jr.

  • Andrea Pirlo And Kumar Sangakkara

  • Geoffrey Boycott And Filippo Inzaghi.

  • Graeme Hick And Francesco Totti

  • Suresh Raina And Bastian Schweinsteiger

  • Jose Mourinho And Gary Kirsten

  • Steve Waugh And John Terry

  • Antoine Griezmann And Quinton De Kock

  • Paul Pogba And Martin Guptill

  • Wasim Akram/Waqar Younis And Kenny Dalglish/Ian Rush

  • Wriddhiman Saha And Virgil Van Dijk


Interesting Fact

  • The players who played football and cricket world cup

Sir Vivian Richard & Ellyse Perry are the only two cricketers on the planet who have represented their nations in cricket and football world cup as well.




Sports is getting competitive day by day, the fitness level & mental strength has become an integral part of the sports. Many would feel it is easy to be a professional athlete but it isn’t true. They had faced many battles that you can’t even imagine.


So, that was the list of top cricketers and football players who are analogous to each other. Hope you guys found the name of your idols from both the games in the list.


Let me know if I missed any good pair name on the list. Also, if you feel few comparisons aren’t justified, please feel free to drop your views in the comment section.

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