About Cricket Frantic

Cricket Frantic is a platform to connect sports fan all over the world, share their views & a small step to bring them closer to the game.


Greeting, Sports Enthusiast!


Welcome to Cricket Frantic (CF). We are dedicated to giving you the best cricketing knowledge, with a focus on facts & figures, fan views, trends & suggestions.


What can you expect on Cricket Frantic

  • One of the best Cricketing topics.
  • Trending Cricket Stories.
  • A team of sports enthusiasts for 365* 7 queries.
  • Your own platform where you can give your suggestions.
  • A medium to connect sports fan all over the world.
  • Above all, an open source for sports lover to speak their heart out.

My Journey

I initially started blogging on Blogger platform. But later on due to the overwhelming response of you guys I pushed my blog to WordPress.


As I’m from Engineering background it was a very big decision for me to transform myself into a full time blogger and sports journalism.


But as I saw a lack of cricketing blogs, forums for fans & due to appreciable support from you guys, I finally made a decision to run my blog on WordPress so that  I can work even more hard for you guys. 

“Giving happiness is also a form of taking happiness.”


Now again the question arises,


Who am I?

  • A Software Engineer by education, sports journalist by profession, normal outdoor sports guy by passion.
  • Sports lover with not so tiny dreams.
  • A blogger who writes about sporting events all over the world.


Man Behind Cricket Frantic


cricket frantic


I always had a great interest in Cricket. I wanted to be a professional sportsperson but destiny has brought me on a different track it seems. I guess that’s one of the main reason behind starting this blog – to keep myself attached with the game.


I feel very proud whenever I meet & interact with different sports fan like Cricket & Football fans from different parts of the world. So this blog is just a small initiative that I’ve taken.

Hopefully, by God’s grace, I will able to connect you guys with world of sports, which is dying slowly due to very much emphasis on online gaming.



That’s it from my side, we will be in touch. For any queries & suggestions, please feel free to reach me. I will try my level best to answer your queries.


See you guys, soon! God bless.