8 Indian TV Shows And Cartoons 90’s kid Cannot Forget

Remember, when taking pictures was simple, no filters or apps were required, but just a smile! In other words, life was so simple & sober. We are still proud of those Indian TV Shows And  90’s kid cartoons. Thankfully, we were born before technology took over.


TV Shows And Cartoons in those school days which were like a treat for us. Let’s smile again by remembering them.


List of 90’s Indian TV Shows And Cartoons which will blow you mind


1. Shararat – Thoda Jadu, Thodi Nazakat

Indian TV Shows And Cartoons -Shararat


These 3 ladies – Jiya, her mother & her nani (grandmother) used to do all the magic in the serial. The show had replaced mantra “abra ka dabra” with “Shring bring sarvaling, bhoot bhavishya vartamaan badling”.


Remember how they used to tease their dad in the show. They had one neighbour lady who was more like a beggar who always used to ask for milk, veggies etc from these ladies.


Shararat got telecasted from 2003-2006 on star plus & according to sources, the show was based on the American show Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Where to watch shararat? Is shararat available on Hotstar? If these questions are running in your mind, then the answer is yes. You can watch on Hotstar.



2. Shaka Laka Boom Boom

Indian TV Shows And Cartoons - shaka laka boom boomSource: TimesofIndia.com


This child named Sanju used to do all the magic from his pencil. All the magic was in his pencil. It was a magic pencil which has the power to bring anything he draws to real life.


Oh, my word! Remember how badly we wanted that pencil in our childhood.

Star plus telecasted the show in 2001, it has 6 seasons. Again, shakalaka boom boom available on Hotstar or not? The happy news is, it is also available on Hotstar as well. Watch now



3. Karishma Kaa Karishma (करिश्मा का करिश्मा)

Indian TV Shows And Cartoons -Karishma ka Karishma

This was one of my favourite Indian Tv show. The show was scripted in such a way where a small girl named Karishma configured to talk & behave like a robot.


The girl who used to save her family from problems by his Karishma (magic). The sad part is that you will get fewer videos on the show, but thank God youtube is still alive.



4. Sonpari

Indian TV Shows And Cartoons -SonpariSource: indianexpress.com


Another magic show from 90’s television which ruled 90’s kid heart for years. The show was based on stories like fairy-tails. But as we know

“Every fairy-tale has a wicked witch”.

The same was the case with the show where there were numerous entertaining fights between the good & the evil.


One more character named “Altu uncle” also become very famous after this due to his comic & fun punches.



5. Hatim

Indian TV Shows And Cartoons -Hatim


Hatim & Hobo (on the right) were the 2 best friends & partners. It was an adventurous cum thrilling Indian series.


The duo dominated & fought the enemies till their last breath like a true worrier. Ultimately, they won but at what cost by sacrificing their life.


Although few episodes of Hatim is available on Hotstar, it isn’t that satisfying & worthy as it used to be.



6. Vikraal Aur Gabraal

Indian TV Shows And Cartoons -Vikrall aur Gabraal


Ah, those Saturday & Sunday nights 10 pm on star plus, frightening yet the best time pass for 90’s generation kid, wasn’t it?


The show was a trademark example of a superhero Vikraal and little Gabroo joint force to fight evil and capture spirits to save mankind from death and destruction.



7. Takeshi’s castle

Indian TV Shows And Cartoons -Takeshi's castle

It was not an Indian but a Japanese show which was another fun part of our lives. All the Japenese contestant used to participate in fun & bit risky games.


Javed Jaffrey’s commentary was sometimes funnier than the entire show. General Lee was the referee of the show.


The show started in 1986 & it last till 1990 but most of 90’s kid like me has seen this show in early 2000. But I just wanna ask you why no one was able to win the showdown?



8. Hip Hip Hurray

Indian TV Shows And Cartoons -Hip hip hurray

To be very honest, I haven’t seen this show much. But the day when I was searching for ideas for my article, somewhere I found this blurry picture which made me nostalgic & bit emotional. So at the last moment, I decided to add this show to the list.


The show was based on struggles teenagers face whether it’s health, relationships or any other. Despite problems enjoying life at every moment is the key.


Every stage has its ups & downs and it’s up to us how we not only deal with the situation but also enjoys the situation to the fullest.



Few Indian TV Shows which had a huge fan base

  • Shaktimaan (90’s kid God-father)
  • Khullja Sim Sim (tie-tie fish)
  • Hero – Bhakti Hi Shakti Hai
  • Office Office
  • Sarabhai vs Sarabhai 
  • Hum Paanch

Even Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chasma was the one which we used to admire but now they have made that more like a boring serial than a comedy.



90’s Foreign Cartoons And Animes


1. Tom And Jerry

90's TV Shows And Cartoons - Tom & Jerry


Tom & Jerry surely the first name comes to our mind whenever we hear the word cartoon. It’s an American cartoon which played a major role in making our childhood awesome.


The cat(Tom) chases but always failed to catch the mice(Jerry) entertained us with their actions & physics fewer logics.


Undoubtedly, it was the best show on Cartoon Network. Many sources claim that Tom & Jerry were the best friends. But Tom acted as enemy otherwise her owner would’ve to hire different cat to kill Jerry.


Still, at this age as well if you feel frustrated from work & all just watch these show for a few minutes and I promise you will never feel bore.



2. Shinchan

90's TV Shows And Cartoons - shinchan


A Japanese cartoon in which 5 years old boy Shinchan who used to give problems to the people around with his extra-ordinary actions.


Don’t you think he was way forward & advanced for his age? He flirts with the chicks, calls his school principal ” Gang Leader” & do all the other stuff yet he is just 5 years old.


According to sources, it’s one sad story behind a real-life Shinchan who died in a car accident. So, in his memory, his mother made the show.


3. Pokemon

90's cartton pokemon


Life was much easier when only the work of the evening was to watch Pokemon at 5 pm & Beyblade at 5.30.


The craze of the show was so high that later on a game named “Pokemon Go” was launched & expectedly many had installed from play store & played like a child.


Even today we see a lot of memes on team rocket which was the character of 3 – a man, a woman & a cat pokemon. No season was as effective as the 1st season.



4. Kochikame

90's TV Shows And Cartoons - Kochikame


If I have to pick the most underrated cartoon of all time, surely I will go for Kochikame. Even today I do watch this sometimes.


Another Japanese cartoon in which one cop named Ryotsu Kankichi was the true entertainer. Ryotsu was a greedy, lazy, strong but yet pure-hearted guy who liked to play video-games & bets on horse races.


90's TV Shows And Cartoons - Kochikame


The show becomes so much popular that Japanese people created a statue of Ryotsu. But as per sources, India has banned the show as it might be inappropriate for child viewers. However, the news is not confirmed.



5. Power Rangers SPD

90's TV Shows And Cartoons - -Power Rangers SPD


Another one of my favourite show in the list. Initially, they had a team of 3 to 5 rangers i.e. Red ranger, Blue ranger, Green ranger, Yellow ranger & a Pink ranger. 


“Space Petrol Delta was their slogan”. 


Later on, their team becomes more powerful with the entry of Shadow & Omega ranger. Even they had the ugly piggy restaurant to eat, haha.


A well-scripted show where they used to fight with all the ugly shaped monsters in a parallel universe. 


A show was bit emotional also which includes the story of Red ranger (Jack), Blue ranger’s (Sky), Yellow ranger (Z) followed by their dog-faced commander.


My favourite was Bridge (Green ranger), which reminds me of Chandler of F.R.I.E.N.D.S series because of his comic timing.



6. Scooby- Doo

90's TV Shows And Cartoons - scooby- Doo


A dog show who investigated many monsters & criminals with his team was another show during the late ’90s & early ’20s.


They had a Green colour van & a team of 5 members in which shaggy & Scooby *(dog) used to fear a lot.


The interesting thing is that shaggy was a weed consumer guy who used to think Scooby is talking only to him, 😛 . 


One lesson which we got from Scooby-doo is humans are the real monsters.



7. Courage the Cowardly Dog

90's TV Shows And Cartoons - -Courage the Cowardly Dog


Another dog show which was a must-watch show on our priority list.


A pink colour dog who used to fear a lot ironically was named courage. He had one computer who could speak & give him solutions to fight with monsters.


He saved his granny & his uncle (who used to hate &scare him) on many occasions.



8. Mr bean The Animated Series

90's TV Shows And Cartoons - Mr bean The Animated Series


I couldn’t have finished the list without the name of Mr Bean. Even I have covered separate article 4 Legends on Mr Bean.


A guy who used to love his teddy & car as well as his own company.


He taught us rather than expecting anything from anyone enjoy your own company, which is probably one of the best life lesson ever.


Have you ever thought, why we used to hate that fat lady in Mr Bean 😉.


Few More Popular TV Shows And Cartoons From the ’90s

  • The jungle book (Mogli)
  • Doraemon (Robot from 22nd century)
  • Beyblade
  • Popeye – The sailor man
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Jackie Chan Adventures  
  • Johnny Bravo (flirty man)
  • Ed, Edd n’ Eddy (3 Idiots)
  • Looney Tunes

Conclusion Point


Don’t know where are those days, when taking pictures was simple, no filters or apps were required, but just a smile! But you know every phase of life is important for us. As change is the thumb rule of nature we can not do much. 


A key here is to enjoy the things & company wherever you are before it’s too late. One more thing, don’t you guys think today’s cartoons level is not even close to the level of 90’s cartoon? 90’s TV shows and cartoons certainly played a huge impact on our lives hope today’s generation could see these shows.  


Hope you guys liked the article. Share with your friends & let me know if you want me to cover a more detailed article on anything.


Till then you can check traditional Indian games.

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