8 Golden Gully Cricket Rules

Let’s relieve, revive & cherish our childhood once again. All the stupid, strange & funny rules of gully cricket which almost every one of us has followed in our childhood & still we are proud of that 😎
strret and gully cricket rules

Here are those Golden bookish rules of our own gully or backyard

#Rule no 1

Whoever won the toss will bat first

  1. Whichever side has won the toss will blindly bat first no matter what the circumstances are, they will go for bat first at any cost.
  2. Whichever side has won the match, by default that side will be rewarded an opportunity to bat first in the next match. Therefore, no discussions, case closed.

#Rule no 2 

Toss will be done by wrappers of Vimal, Manikchand, Eclairs etc. The coin doesn’t exist at all 😈

Coin? what’s that? Those dirty wrappers will be used as a weapon for a toss but the best part is even if you don’t have this, you can do flipping of stone by spitting on one side of it. Hahaha, simply amazing isn’t it?

#Rule no 3

Umpire will be from the batting side

From this thing lot of trust issues in life has started 😐. Remember having those biased umpires forget about half shouts or benefit of the doubt sometimes they don’t even give clear nicks as out. Oh my word, how could you give not-out to those?  

#Rule no 4

First ball will be a trail ball

Doesn’t matter how good ball bowler has bowled if the batsman gets out, he will refuse to go. He will give you the silly excuse that it was a trail ball. oh! the poor bowler.

#Rule no 5

Whoever has batted first can’t bowl first

You might be the best all-rounder in the world but if you have opened the innings, there is no chance of you getting a very first over to bowl. 

#Rule no 6

If the ball goes out of your backyard you are out

Imagine a situation, you have hit the ball long way with all the timing & perfection in the world but if it goes outside the wall or fencing, you are out my dear friend 😐

#Rule no 7 

If the ball goes in an apartment it’s your responsibility to fetch the ball 

  1. Oh my God, remember that scariest moment 😢 when your ball goes into that apartment whose owner is already irritated & ready to kill you on the spot.
  2. Or imagine the situation when your ball went in one typical Aunt’s apartment who has already given you a warning of a police complaint 😡. That was the last thing which we didn’t want to happen. 

#Rule no 8

Whoever owes the bat is the boss

Probably the most irritating moment, when after fielding for a significant time in a hot summer, someone runs away during the time of your batting just because he owes the bat. Mate, I tell you what you will go to Hell that’s for sure 😀

The Happiest Moment 😆

When you are searching for a ball & you found a new one from nowhere along with your old ball. For instance, we used to find a golf ball as golf ground was nearer to our colony.

The Saddest Moment 😞

strret and gully cricket rules

When after playing consecutive 5 balls, a batsman takes a single on the last ball of the over, it still hurts, isn’t it? Moreover, he will say that was just a coincidence.



So these where all the golden rules which almost all of us have followed & can never forget this in our entire life. Above all, these kind of memories have become one of the best parts of our lives
Hope you guys enjoyed & can relate with this, let me know if I have missed any rule which you used to have in your backyard. Also if you guys want me to write on a specific topic, suggestions are welcome.

Ishan Lalwani

A software Engineer who is trying to connect people around the globe with the world of sports and different leagues all over the world. Stay Happy but never satisfied! Live, Love, Laugh, Life goes on!

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  1. Vaishnavi gaharwar

    That really made me realise how much i miss playing cricket 😓

    1. Ishan Lalwani

      Yea we all can’t even imagine our lives without it 🙂

  2. Amarnath Sahani

    What a perfect observation !!! You just brought the memory lane back to present. Great article Ishan… Keep It Up … waiting for youe next Article. 🤩

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