6 Bowlers who Rule Test Cricket but Faces heat in T-20s

How often we have seen bowlers who rule longer format but failed to deliver in the shorter format. Legends, assets, kings of test cricket but just an ok bowler in T-20s 🙁


At test level, they are unstoppable, unplayable sometimes but when it comes to T-20 they lack their weapons and gets smashes all over the park which in turn drives a newbie cricket lover to believe they aren’t the greatest.


List of bowlers who rule Test Cricket but failed to live on the expectations in T-20s


1. Dale Steyn


bolwers who rule test
Steyn Gun


Steyn gun on fire more often than not we have heard this from the commentators. In fact, he is one of those fast bowlers who have at least 1 5-wicket haul in all the test playing nations.


But when it comes to T-20 Dale Steyn seems a bit off colour, is it because of not having many yorkers in his armoury? Also, the fact that injuries troubled him a lot throughout his career.


We have witnessed Ab de Villiers smashed him a couple of times during IPL even once in a blue moon player like Yusuf Pathan had smashed him on a few occasions. However, only IPL shouldn’t be the criteria to judge any players calibre.


Do you guys remember the time when he defended around 7-8 runs in the last over against Nathan McCullum in World T-20 2014?



2. Tim Southee


Tim Southee
Swing is my strength


Oh, my dear Tim Southee, I can feel you. Whenever New Zealand plays super over they just give the ball in your hand to bowl against the likes of Chris Gayle and Rohit Sharma. And despite trying your best you let the team down, oh poor Southee 🙁


New Zealand always backs Southee for super over even though they have Trent Boult in their squad. They really need to understand this “Southee is a swing bowler, not a bowler who can bowl effectively in deaths”.


Have you ever wondered despite having good yorkers & slower balls why Southee struggles in T-20s?


Southee had shown us how good he can be with yorkers against England in the World Cup 2015 match where he had single-handedly destroyed the batting order of England. Remember that toe crusher against Moeen Ali?



3. James Anderson


bolwers who rule test cricket
King of swing


King of Swing, isn’t he? Anderson has troubled the biggest names in world cricket like Kohli, Smith but provided the ball is swinging.


He doesn’t have a bad stats in ODI & T-20 either. But the image that Anderson has created as a Test bowler is something beyond imagination. Over 600 test wickets, my gosh! it isn’t a joke.


Still, we all have to admit he wasn’t a T-20 bowler at all and I guess before us he had realised this thing and haven’t given much preference to T-20 cricket which is rightly so. But you are an absolute legend in Test cricket Jimmy 🙂



4. Josh Hazlewood


Josh Hazlewooed
The ball is right on the money


Troubling the batsman with his swing since his debut, Josh Hazlewood is the name. I tell you what you put a coin on the pitch and he can bowl on the same coin all day and night, tells his accuracy & consistency.


But when it comes to T-20 the table is turned entire 180°. Whether it’s international T-20s or BBL ( Big Bash League) he gets smashed all over the park.


He lacks good bouncer, yorkers, slower balls and other variation, I reckon that’s one of the biggest reason why he isn’t that successful in T-20s.


Cricket isn’t all about T-20s & slogging and Josh Hazlewood knows this really well. Rather than trying to be anyone else, he is sticking with his accuracy & consistency and that’s why he is so successful in the Tests.



5. Nathan Lyon


bolwers who rule test cricket
Noyce Garry


Another Aussie in the list. What a remarkable journey he has. From a pitch curator of the Adelaide oval to the best off-spinner of Australia.


Recently, the last test match against India was his 100th test match for Australia, Incredible! Indian standing captain Ajinkya Rahane had given him the signed jersey as well.


Whether it is Australia, subcontinent or any other place, Nathan Lyon is always a threat to the batsman.


Legendary test spinner but fades away gradually when we talk about limited-overs. Has all the variations in his pocket still struggle in limited-overs, or maybe due to the lack of opportunities as Adam Zampa is also there for the Aussies, we haven’t seen the best of Nathon Lyon in ODIs and T-20s yet.



6. Ishant Sharma



Ishant Sharma perth story
1 or dalunga


“Ishant ek or dalega? ha, dalunga (Will you bowl 1 more Ishant? Yes I will). The world knows Ishant Sharma from this, where Anil Kumble asked him whether he will bowl another over to Ricky Ponting or not.


A 19 year boy from Delhi, India had destroyed the legendary batting line up Australia in 2008 India’s tour of Australia.


However, he hasn’t become the bowler people were expecting him to be after that. People were constantly questioning why Ishant is getting so many chances? Why India is investing so much on Ishant despite the poor show?


“Better late than never” Ishant has become one of the most reliant fast bowlers for India in test matches. But he is another prime example of bowlers who rule test cricket but they aren’t a T-20 material.


No one can forget his spell of 2013 Champions Trophy final where he took back to back wickets to change the momentum of the game, which ultimately helped India to win the final.





So this was the list of the bowlers who rules test cricket but they aren’t all format bowlers.


No disrespect to them, we all have our strengths and weaknesses and they to have theirs.


They are the kings of swing, accuracy, consistency, persistence and above all the sheer will.


Few newbies have to understand Cricket isn’t all about T-20s, in fact, Test cricket is the real format of cricket.


Hope you guys like the post. Let me know in the comment section what you think about this.


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